Little Paper Towns story

"I love John Green's books.
I like The Fault in Our Stars very much.
Before our first date, you watched the movie just to impress me.
Not bad not bad at all, guy watching a romance movie just cause I like it.
Paper Towns was the 4th John Green book I read.
I got it last year, after knowing that it would be made into a movie.
You love to play computer game.
Some times, I played with you, I find it pretty interesting actually.
It was great, I grew to like computer game because it makes you happy.
I like to see you happy, I love that smile. 
You once said that you're happy when I'm happy, totally the other way round.
I'm happy when you're happy.
I love how we would spend time together doing separate things.
I would sit at the edge of the long couch and read my book.
You would sit at the other end and play computer game or video game.
Some times, we got bored of what we were doing and we watched a movie together.

Love the silent moments.
Just simply enjoying each other's company without talking.
So comfortable.

'Hey, so what's this book about?'
'Babe, I'm not even 50 pages through.'
'But tell me something about it.'
'I'll tell you when I finish the book.'
'No, tell me something now, there must be something.'
You are persuasive and you will not give up for shit.
'So, there's this girl...'
'What's her name?'
'Margo, her name is Margo, she's avenging her cheating boyfriend with the help of 
her neighbour, Quentin.'
'So, does Margo like Quentin?'
'No, I think Quentin loves Margo.'
'Alright, then?'
'That's it, play your game, I'll tell you more soon.'

Two days later.
'So, Margo left town and she left clues, Quentin is determined to find her.'

Another day later.
'So, where did Margo go?'
I don't know why this line gets stuck in my head and
I always think about you asking me 'where did Margo go?'
I don't know why it left such a deep impression.
'I don't know, we will watch it together, alright?'
'When will the movie be out?'
'I don't know when, prolly next year?'
'Sure, b, whatever you like.'

We didn't make it pass 'next year', lol.

You went missing like Margo.
You gave me the best months in life so far.
You're like a mystery but you're not one.
You didn't need me, you picked me and I picked you back.  
I tried to find you but you didn't want to be found by ME.
You were not a miracle. You were not an adventure.
You were not a fine and precious thing.
You were a boy.
You're still happy now, it's all that matters.
Stay happy, you look best when you're happy."


Don't get me wrong, I'm not being sensitive, over sensitive or emotional.
No. I'm very happy, I'm a happy person.
I just don't know why I always have these thoughts after learning something new.
I would really want to note everything down but...
I always get judged for being overly emotional or sensitive.
Guys, I'm happy, ok.
Guys, I just like to write, I like expressing deep thoughts.
Guys, I'm writing poetry here, ok maybe not poetry, I'm not that good but...
I'm just sharing what I learn in life.
About relationships between lovers, between friends, between family.
About life...
Readers should notice that I don't really blog anymore.
It's not that I don't want to but people judge me for exposing private thoughts.
The struggle is REAL, guys.
I might just delete this post, else I'll never get a boyfriend, lol lol lol.

So back to the topic, I watched the movie.
Oh yeah, I got to watch it first, teehee.
Spoiler alert?

It was great but it's the same.
I loved the book more but the movie was good.
I'd say that it's better than TFIOS, I'm sorry!
Margo portrayed super well, Cara has got the Margo attitude.
Q was great, great acting.
Gotta love Ben, loved Ben, loved Radar.
Very good castings, they all fit the characters very well.
Not to forget Ansel made a special appearance, I squirmed.
I read the book, so I knew how it was gonna.
I could also mouth their dialogues but I had to keep quiet, it was tough.
My favourite beer sword bit was in it too.
I wrote a book review about Paper Towns, search for it and read it (:
Worth watching, better than I expected and it was really funny, very.


  1. Just be yourself. Will always be there :)

  2. Always in your thoughts. That what always matter. He IS the one but he also WAS the one.
    One fine day, you will meet your forever ONE, ONLY and ALWAYS. One fine day.

  3. You should be more active. I like your random posts, book reviews, your thoughts etc. They make me learn, think and always relate them with my life. Always support you ♡


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