Daphne Charice & Kang Er - High Hopes (Kodaline)

I haven't done the random facts post for a long time.
Still remember?
Sometimes I do like fun facts, super random things, sometimes funny.
I always think I'm funny.
Am I? I really think I am funny.

#1. I made the whole Space crew call me "Khaleesi".
Khaleesi is the Mother of Dragons (Danerys Targaryen), a character in Game of Thrones.
I keep going like "I'M NOT A QUEEN, I'M KHALEESI!!!".
My head barista was like "KA LU SI" (direct translation : let you die), lol.

#2. Currently playing - 
I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly ft Ed Sheeran.

#3. Ed Sheeran wrote that song ^

#4. I lost my work log but I'm just chilling here, I don't know why.

#5. I don't think I'll ever get sick of the song Love Me Like You Do.

#6. Another fun fact, Tove Lo wrote that song ^
She good, she good.

#7. The most wanted kicks for me right now are dem Yeezy Boost 350.
AJ1 Retro Bred and Royal Blue are also my number one on wishlist.

#8. I haven't achieved my dream of going to London, heh.

#9. I don't know why I like to close my eyes when I sing.
Sometimes it seems like I'm struggling at high notes but the face I make is actually
me feeling dem feels, yall got me? Lol.
For example, this song makes me feel dem feels all the time, all the time.
Feels at 1:18min-1:38minDaphne Charice & Kang Er - High Hopes ( Kodaline )
Posted by Daphne Charice on Monday, July 6, 2015

#10. I had an epiphany that night.
Ya, I always have epiphanies, pfft.
I never thought boobs and booties were important, I never thought so.
I accept aesthetic procedures but I still can't accept plastic surgery myself.
But I always thought that I'll get my jaw fixed if I were to go through plastic surgery.
My jaw is messed up because I had a bad dentist.
So now, I want to fix my teeth and I wanted to go for invasalign.
Braces kinda affect me when I sing, I like to sing, lol.
Turned out that I'm not a suitable candidate for invasalign.
If I want invasalign, I have to go through jaw surgery to fix my jaw first.
I was like shiettttttttttt.
So, I turn to dr.Rachel to get my chin aesthetically fixed, super honest girl here.
I'm going to put braces on soon, then my jaw will be fixed and my chin will be better.
Oh ya, back to the topic, so if I were to choose a plastic surgery procedure now,
I think I really want boobs and booty.
Mine are too petite, it's really sad, ahahaha!

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