Marvellous Creations

No introductions of Cadbury chocolate are needed for Malaysians.
It is the best selling chocolate brand in the country.
Giving happiness since 1905.
It's supplied from Cadbury's chocolate factory in Shah Alam.

Last Saturday, I was invited to the Marvellous Creations Carnival.
I was told that Cadbury was introducing the new Cadbury Marvellous Creations.
I immediately said yes to joining this carnival.
It's Cadbury, my mum loves Cadbury and our fridge never runs out of Cadbury chocolate.
I also wanted to get the new flavours back for my mum to try.

 I arrived at Sunway Pyramid at 11 in the morning.
I saw securities and body guards everywhere, I knew that Cadbury must have invited a VIP.
I didn't know until the fans started flooding the venue.
 Wow, I was starstruck, it was my first time seeing her in real life.
All Malaysians adore her.

Then, I remember I saw her in the Cadbury commercial on TV.
Ahhhhh, she's really elegant and lovable.

Let's get the carnival started!
*confetti confetti*

Cadbury doin' it right.
This is what you call a carnival.
So magical, it's really a "Marvellous Creation".

Back to the point.
The two new variants of Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations:
1.Jelly Popping Candy
Jelly, Candy Bits and Popping Candy covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate.
2.Peanut Toffee Cookie
Peanut and Toffee Cookie Bits covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate.

I really love the Jelly Popping Candy but
I think I prefer Peanut Toffee Cookie because I like to have my chocolate with nuts.
Not only the texture of Cadbury chocolate is smooth and creamy
but the ingredients they use are great quality stuff.
I like how my chocolate bar is filled with lotsa nuts and lotsa candy.
The Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars are always filled generously with different fillings.

Karen and I, going through our goody bag.

Do you know that I've known Karen since forever?
She was my senior in school, we used to hang out every week.
I was so happy to see her there and we kinda relived our childhood moments.
Thanks to the Marvellous Creations Carnival.
This is really how it is, we used to play this at the theme park in Times Square, hahaha!
Super fun!

Just our feet!

I really really really love the balloons.
A carnival experience is never complete without balloons.
The wonderment of Marvellous Creations world is complete, it is complete with the balloons.
I was like "Karen, let's go swim in that pool of balloons!"
I think some onlookers thought we were crazy.
Hey, I'm still kiddy at heart, that's how you don't grow old.

Then, there were kids who started throwing balloons at us and playing with us, lol.

Totally selfie-worthy.

Fun games all around, we tried every single game.
 That smile though...

Life can be hectic when you grow up.
Sometimes, we forget about the little things that make us happy.
A Cadbury chocolate bar could make the happiest kid when I was younger.
I'm surprised that it still does, wait, I'm not actually surprised.
I'm just being reminded of this innocent, pure, simply unbridled happiness.
Thanks Marvellous Creations for that!

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