Diary : 13.05.2015

Hey, guys!
I apologize for not being active.
I haven't done the book reviews I wanted to do.
Also, I haven't edited my The Script and Charli XCX video for April.
My macbook is dying. You have served me well for five years, little apple.
Thinking of getting a new macbook but it's so expensive, sigh.
It seems like there are so many things I want to do but there is so little time.
Even if I get the time off, I just want to watch Kardashians, lol.
The other night, I got home after a whole day being out.
I watched 3 episodes of KUWTK, lol lol lol, don't judge me.
I just want to sit and do nothing sometimes.
When HBO doesn't play anything I like, I watch KUWTK.
It's always on when I turn the TV on, lol.
Coincidence...... or not... lol.

Hey, it's my birthday month.
I was thinking that I should do something.
Celebrate it for two weeks or for the whole month.
You know, just to be happy and enjoy life to the max.
I just checked the calender and I realized half of May is gone.
NOOOOOOOO, time is moving too fast, it's so ridiculous!
Ahhh, I'm not that type who likes high profile celebrations anyway.
Meh, not my thing.
I usually do Chinese dinner with my girl friends.
Some years I didn't even celebrate because I spent them in Aussie, lol.

Should get wasted this year.
Lol, I said that for years and I haven't done it.
It's time, I guess ;)

 Oh ya, I really want to cut my hair.
Should I?
Thinking of going back to blonde.
Should I?

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