Daphne Charice - Habits (Tove Lo)

My favourite hoodie to wear when I'm sick, lol.
Look at the breakouts man, lazy to edit.
Authentic unedited photobooth picture, lol!

It seems like I've been falling sick easily since last year.
It's totally different this time.
It was really sudden and there were no symptoms at all.
I'm that type who doesn't like going to the doctor.
Just let my own immune system fight, that's what it's for.
I always just let it recover on its own.
This time is pretty fancy.
I got a virus infection, so fancy, a virus infection.
I thought that virus infection is a fancy name for having a fever, lol.

So yeah, I thought it was just a fever, caught a cold or something.
I went to bed early, drank water, peed throughout the whole night, lol.
I thought it'd be better but I woke up with a swollen face.
Man, scared the crap outa me, I sure didn't experience a swollen face before today.
My body was burning, especially my face.
So, I kept drinking water, did a SKII mask, lol, just to cool myself down.
It wasn't helping.
The lymph node thing, learnt a thing or two from biology in high school.
My jaw was swollen and I was in pain.
Ahhhh, that's what you get taking your body for granted, agony.

Just only finished my last antibiotic.
Don't seem to have recovered yet, mainly because I haven't been resting.
I've been out everyday.
Project Space turned 5 months old, we had a dinner together.
We never celebrated since Space opening.
So, I got this dinner thing planned before I fell so sick.
I also planned to sing in Space with Kang Er on my birthday week but I don't think it's happening.
Went to see Martin Garrix because I promised my friends.
Didn't have quality rest, that's why I'm recovering slow.

My throat is sore and I haven't stopped coughing.
It was so bad that I coughed till 6 in the morning and missed a morning run with Jane and Ash.
Ahhhh, sickness, it does kinda freak me out now.
Plus the idea of not being able to sing......
It feels like my vocal cords have been permanently damaged, lol.
Being sick, being unable to do anything at all.

Lol, typed this yesterday but didn't publish it.
Today I got home, I felt like making a song cover.
Yeh, my throat is still super sore but....
Idk, whatever, keep it real, lol.

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