Music Talk : Chaos and the Calm, James Bay

Been pretty busy and it's kinda hard to balance out.
Haven't done the book reviews I wanted to do.
I read 4books last month, quite crazy.
I always read till 5 in the morning, then I wake up at 9am to start my day.
April has been great.
I've been great.
My friends always tell me to love myself more.
I think I'm doing it pretty well.
Been spending so much on food and sneakers.
Food and sneakers make me happy, haha.
Seeing my friends being happy makes me happy too!

I'm flying off to Singapore tomorrow for CHARLI XCX!!!
Woohoooooooooo, so excited.
Haven't packed my bags yet, ahhhhhh...
Active on music.
Been listening to new music, new albums.
Went to The Script's concert on Sunday.
Omg, mind blowing, absolutely mind blowing.
My emotions are still not settled yet.
Will blog about it!

Today, I introduce to you - James Bay.

He's British, I realized that I really like Brit music.
I like so many of the Irish bands, English bands, English artistes.
James Bay's music is definitely my cup of tea.
The first song I've ever heard from him was "Hold Back The River".

For me, I like to watch live performances.
I like to listen to live performances more than recordings.
So, whenever I discover something I like.
I'll browse through their live performances.
James Bay's talent is impressive.
He sings live well, great vocal.

My favourite song from him will be "Let It Go".
Very sentimental, very emotional.
The strings though...
The electric guitar tune, it got me hooked to this song.

"If You Ever Want To Be In Love" sounded a little Tom Odell-ish to me.
"Scars" and "Move Together" are good too.
Ahhhh, "Best Fake Smile" is really good as well.
Gotta check his album, it's good.
He's going to be huge this year.
Sick talent!

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