Been working #alldayerrday...
Was thinking about the great times I've had in Singapore.
FMFA is happening in Singapore next month, so tempting, so tempting...
I might just take two days off and... You never know!!!

I normally take flights to Singapore, since it's near.
Just last month I drove to Singapore.
Custom officers are friendly, procedures were simple.
As long as you follow the rules, you'll be fine.
It was an amazing experience driving to Singapore.

It was so exciting and new to me that I had to snap this picture at custom for memory.
Drove Jane and another friend.

Back to the unforgettable ZoukOut, sipping champagne overlooking the city and...

Nothing beats the street food.

Oh yes, so many varieties.
From char kway teow to yee mee, pan mee, claypot, hot pot or sizzling pan, whatever you name it.
Uh, the chicken rice, chicken riceeeeeeeeee.
I don't know about you but for me, Singapore has the best chicken rice!

Well yeh, you may say the food we get here and Singapore have not much difference,
but you really can't say the same about the taste,
especially those local dishes with recipes practiced over generations.
You really gotta get there to experience yourself.

 This is me when I'm in Singapore.

When people think about Singapore, people think about the luxury, the extravagant lifestyle but
the street food, the roots, the culture, the simplest little things never go away.
And it's always nice to see some familiar culture in a foreign country.
We just love food, don't we? Who doesn't?
I usually stay in hotels whenever I visit Singapore so haha, I will tapao char kway teow
from hawker centres up to my hotel room for supper.
Sometimes I will have an ice cream sandwich while exploring the city. 

You'll always have the hardest decisions to make at the food court.
You don't know what to choose because you feel like you want some wantan mee
but the satay smells good, the laksa is calling your name, lol.
Well, the good thing is, eat now, tapao more for later, haha.

Another great thing about Singaporean hawker food - high standard of hygiene.
Food is prepared hygienically, super safe for consumption, satisfies taste buds and also CHEAP.

Now there's an exclusive promotion by Far East Hospitality where you can enjoy up to 20% off
best flexible rate and S$30 worth of dining vouchers when you book a room at
between 4th March to 30th April 2015.
Just key in the code : FMSG

Can't wait to visit Singapore again and eat all the sinfully good local food!
Next month hopefully :P

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