I Want Healthy Skin

First and foremost, I love to swim.
I used to swim almost everyday when I was a kid.
 Hmmm, now think back at it.
Maybe I have dry skin because I was always in chlorine water.
Meh, I guess I was just born with dry skin.

Some of the factors that cause dry skin:
1. Hot showers
I can never live without hot shower, I can't live without hot shower.
I need hot shower, I need.
2. Air conditioned room
I can't. I can't sleep without the air conditioner on, I can't.
3. UV rays
Who loves sun tanning the most? Plus who doesn't like to use sun screen? Me.
4. Frequent washing
Who likes to wash her hands frequently? Me.

I still wonder why I have dry skin.
Well, now I know a lot better.

I was thinking why do these products look so familiar.
Then, I took a shower after I got home from the meeting and I saw Physiogel in the bathroom.
Pretty surprised to know that my 3 year-old nephew is using Physiogel.
My nephew has very sensitive skin, my sister is very careful on product selection.
My nephew's skin looks great to me.
Physiogel is a skin care brand prescribed by dermatologists all over the world.
It repairs, rehydrates and revitalizes sensitive skin with 
the DMS(Derma Membrane Structure) technology.
Physiogel is hypoallergenic, it's safe and suitable to be used on babies and toddlers.
It is non-comedogenic, it contains no preservatives, no colorant, no fragrance, no emulsifier.

My skin is #readyforanything.
Full range of Physiogel skin care products.
Cleanser, lotion and cream.

The cleanser doesn't give you a feeling that your body is cleaned but it does.
It's just soap free, so you don't see bubbles or foam.
It cleanses, soothes and softens without drying the skin.
Most importantly, it maintains its natural pH balance.

Physiogel lotion helps to retain skin moisture, prevent skin dryness and
provide protection against environmental triggers.
Physiogel cream does the same and it contains natural lipids to revitalize dry skin.
In comparison to other moisturizers, Physiogel does not only moisturize skin but
rebuilds it with the help of DMS technology containing ceramides and physiological lipids
that mimic the skin's lipid layers. 

The left streak is lotion as you can see it's slightly more watery than the cream.
The right streak is cream as you can see it's more concentrated and richer.
To achieve the best result, use the lotion first, then use the cream on areas like knees, elbows, ankles+

I don't think you need me to mention again.
I don't like to use lotion or sun screen because I don't like the sticky feeling.
You all know very well because I said it a few times, haha.

I've been using Physiogel for almost a week now.
It's not greasy and somehow I start liking the fact that it doesn't contain any fragrances.
It really feels like I'm in my own skin.

I don't only sleep with the air conditioner on at night.
I work in crazy air conditioned place.
Check the air conditioners blasting at me everyday, haha.

I bring Physiogel cream to work.
So, I can reapply it after I wash my hands or do the dishes!
Smooth skin, come to mama!

Have healthy skin and be Ready for Anything!
Visit www.readyforanything.my for more!

*This is a sponsored post.
Products shown in this posting were provided by GSK for the purpose of this write up.
All views expressed here are personal to the blogger.

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  1. We're both entrepreneurs but our working environment so different.

    Keep up the good work and bring in proper meals for your cafe so more students can dine in instead of chit chatting for hours there with a cup of coffee? Lol haha

    But then again, proper food need a good chef, perhaps dessert like After You? Hmm


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