Daphne Charice x One Direction live in Singapore

First and foremost, I want to thank Hotlink Malaysia and Sony Music Malaysia for this experience.
It was s fantastic Hotlink One Direction "On The Road Again Tour 2015" Busaway experience.
Singapore this time.

The coolest One Direction bus that attracted crazy attention.

Departed from Menara Maxis to Studio M, Singapore.
 I was exhausted from work.
The games and excitement kept me awake though.
We played games on the bus.
Everyone was so sporting and fun.

Denise, giving out One Direction merchandises.

I thought I was a #directioner.
Well, obviously, I'm not even close.
The Directioners are crazyyyyyy, they are so hardcore, haha.
I listen to One Direction, yes, I do.
Their songs are catchy, lol.
Not to forget that they're extremely good looking.
*wiping off saliva*
Used to like Zayn the most, well, he's very happy with Perrie, haha.
Harry or Niall? Sexy hair or sexy Irish?
No, can't choose, I want all five.

Finally arrived at Studio M Hotel.

I only had 3 hours of sleep before waking up for this.
My skin condition was suddenly so bad, especially my forehead.
Uh, you can see it in the video.

Sunlight is always the solution.

Check that bright happy smile.
You guys know well that I hardly smile showing my crooked teeth, haha.

Meet Karena, best companion of the trip.

Karena and me rolling Uber style to the concert!

Everyone calls me DAPH-NE(deaf-ni).
I really nearly went deaf in the stadium.
The fans' screaming was.. outrageous?
It was out of this world.
Absolutely crazy.

Hi, I have carrots?

Liam and Zayn.

My baby Irish.

What's better than Harry dancing?
You're welcome.

As I promised, more videos.
It was all a rush but I hope you like it, I tried my best.
Sending love to the Directioners!


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