Daphne Charice - 你要的爱 (Penny Tai)

I like this song.
Who hasn't watched the Meteor Garden?
I used to like F4, ahahahaha.
Why this song?
I have no idea.
Recorded this last year.
Didn't know that I'd actually finish this song.
Earlier this year, squeezed some time to finish it up with the harmonization.
(You can hear it at 2:53min onwards, lol lol lol, sorry if I didn't do it well.)
 My business started off and I hardly go to the studio, I hardly even sing.
I only drop by for 20minutes sometimes, just to make instavideos, lol.
Got a call from Kang Er, saying that we were shooting this day and that I had to make it.

Rushed home after work and quickly did my make up again.
When I reached on set, dayum, I was shocked by all the big cameras and big equipments.
They even got a smoke machine, lol lol lol.
I was like "可以不要那麼誇張嗎?"
I was so nervous.
You know, I might seem very confident but I don't like to be under the spotlight.
I do videos with my girls a lot, that's actually fine, I don't feel nervous.
It's very fun, that's why I like doing videos with them, I feel comfortable.
Plus there are 5 of us and I get to hide from the spotlight.
I really want to thank Kang Er, my singing partner who has always believed in me.
Since day one.
I like to sing but I'm not confident with my singing.
Even when I do shows, I need to have Kang Er around.
I rejected so many shows because he couldn't make it.
He thinks that my influence helps him but no, I think his talent helps me.
When people tell me to do show alone, I usually shut them off.
Cause, without Kang Er, I wouldn't be able to even have studio time.
I wouldn't even have made my first live singing insta video.

Kang Er always tries hard to push me under the spotlight while I keep pushing it away.
This time, I'll let him do it.
I hope he's proud of the track he produced and slightly proud of me, hahaha.
I'm very happy to have people believing in me and actually liking my singing.
I sincerely thank Kang Er, Kurisu and his crew.
Also thank Kang Er's girlfriend who sat there all night while we shot the video.
She also helped on the venue.
Thank Kurisu for shooting and editing.
Thank the crew who blew fans at me, sprayed smoke at me, lol.
Most of all, the aircond was shut down, everyone was sweating and working hard.
I'm so grateful.
Thank you.

Last but not least, thank those who liked or shared, commented on my video.
I'll do better and try my very best to... sing better?

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