Bestnya Bersama

Finally got to chill out with my girl friends last Saturday,
thanks to Samsung GALAXY A's Bestnya Bersama 'A' Music Festival.
We had an 'A'wesome Saturday enjoying 'A'wesome music performances with 'A'wesome company.

We arrived earlier at Bukit Jalil National Stadium to hang out with the artistes.
 Some of them are our friends, we're so proud of them.
Hot FM, One FM and Fly FM were there as well.
Very entertaining, we were playing games.
The concert goers got to win some prizes and merchandises too!

Using the Samsung GALAXY A5 for a wide selfie.
Yup, a wide selfie with part of the A-Team!
Meet Shawn Lee the beatboxer, Leonard from An Honest Mistake and Venice Min!
It's so easy to hold and to take wide selfies with the Samsung GALAXY A5
all thanks to its slim and light full-metal design. You should try it for yourself!

I dressed up for that day.
Casual as usual, that's my style (:

Shoe game with my girls.

They were giving out freebies and were interacting with the crowd before starting the show.
 It was more like a get-together, a gathering.
I think the idea of it was very nice!

Shawn Lee opened the show with his amazing beatboxing skill.
Followed by many talented local artistes.
Paperplane Pursuit, An Honest Mistake, KeQing, Najwa Latiff, Liyana Fizi, Izzue Islam+
Faizal Tahir was the guest artist for the event.
How cool is that? So many girls went bonkers for him, even the guys! Haha!

Thanks Samsung GALAXY A for the 'A'mazing night of Bestnya Bersama 'A' Music Festival!

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