Music Talk: Happy Birthday, Ed

Finally have the time to blog!!!
Only had to work half day today.
Blogged this half way yesterday but didn't have the time to finish the post.
Well, it's still his birthday at UK/US time.

What's new on Ed Sheeran's music?
I knew it! I knew this could be possible.
I probably talked about it before.
Remember Glastonbury 2014? Anybody watch it?
Errr ma gawd, Glastonbury, Coachella, Pinkpop, Laneway, Tomorrowland are my dreams!
So many dreams!
The top one is happening, it is to see Ed Sheeran perform live in London.
It's even better now that he's coming to KL!
I'll still go to London for him in the future (:

So, I was watching all Glastonbury performances.
Ed Sheeran joined Rudimental's set and played the song "Bloodstream" together.
I like the original version but this version is really cool too.
It's something different.

Then, one night before I went to bed.
I saw this on Ed's Facebook, new single, Bloodstream ft Rudimental.
Have a listen.

I know everyone is as excited as I am to see Ed Sheeran in Malaysia.
Ahhhh, I can't wait.
Yup, I've already gotten my tickets, I bought them last November.
Yes, tickets are all sold out!
Obviously, certainly, unquestionably, sold out shows, all day err day!
I am so proud, so so proud.
When people go like "the tickets are all sold out!", I'm like "woohoo, I bought last November!" (:

So many of you asked me for free tickets.
I wish I can do wonder like this.
Hotlink is doing this #EdEverywhere contest though.
Do you want the tickets?
Do you want them like this spider-man?
Man, this fan got guts...!!!
I hope I see him at Ed Sheeran's concert but he covered his face with the mask =,=

Here's the link to everything you need to know:
1. Download Hotlink Red App.
2. Make a video of you singing or dancing to Ed Sheeran in public.
3. Post it on Instagram/Facebook/Youtube/Twitter and hashtag #EdEverywhere #Hotlink #AlwaysOn
4. In the Hotlink RED app, validate your number,
go to 'FEEDBACK' > for 'CATEGORY' select 'LIVE.LIFE.LOUD' > under 'MESSAGE'
type in "Ed Sheeran" and paste your video link.
You stand a chance to win concert tickets, meet & greet passes, backstage passes and merchandises.

Everyone is desperate for Ed Sheeran's concert ticket.
As a fan, I am so proud and I am so happy.
I just can't wait, can't wait to watch him perform live.
16th March, it's getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!
What should I wear? I'm thinking what to wear, hahaha!

Happy birthday again, Ed!
His birthday is on the 17th, it's 17th in the UK now!
 Keep believing in music and making great music!
I'll always be a fan.



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