Music Talk: Coming Up For Air, Kodaline

Music talk again!
Kodaline's new album - Coming Up For Air.

I waited so long for their second album.
I was very occupied before Chinese New Year.
I really had no time for myself.
I used to do album shopping a lot, always Rock Corner, I linger, lol.
So, I called up to reserve two albums, one for me, one for Jane, of course.
Pretty efficient, I got them on the exact day as the UK release.
So happened that Jane and I had to go a meeting at Publika.
We actually stopped by Gardens just to get the albums.
I ran all the way up, panting, gasping for air.
"I, I, called... to reserve... two, two Kodaline's albums under the name..Daphne..."
Lol, the staff was like "ohhhhh, you...!!!"
Still panting as I was paying.
She was like "you ran all the way up?"
"Yeh, I'm rushing."
"You're a big fan of Kodaline's music, this album has only been released today."
"Oh yeh, quite a big fan, yeh I know, that's why I have to get it today!"
"I still remember when you got their first album."
"Wao, you remember me? Yes, I got it here!"
"I give you discount!"

Hahahahaha, niceeeeeeeeeee...
I normally get my albums at Rock Corner.
I go to the one in Bangsar Village a lot because the owner gives me great discount :x
The one in Gardens offers around 5% discount?
If you have a CIMB card, go to the one in KLCC because you get 10%.
:D :D :D :D :D you're welcome.

Back to music talk.
The first single released was "Honest".
I thought it was going a little too "mainstream" or "pop".
Just like how Coldplay went from indie to pop :(
I was so scared that they might lose the Kodaline essence in their music.
They didn't disappoint, Kodaline is still Kodaline.
I think the second single released was "Unclear".
I love "Unclear".

Doesn't 1:04min give you goosebumps?
Man, I get the chills.

 I guess music people are greedy, they want to try new stuff.
I was quite surprised when I listened to "Human Again".
Compare to the first album "In A Perfect World", "Coming Up For Air" is more upbeat.

New music video-The One

"You make my whole world feel so right when it's wrong.
That's how I know that you are the one."

Anyway, if I were to pick a favourite off this album...
I really really really love this one - "Love Will Set You Free".
Love the melody, love the song arrangement, love the harmonization.
Lyrics, touching and encouraging.
I was touched by this line-
"The more I live, the more I know, I’ve got to live without.
This ain’t no sad song, life has to go on."
 That's what music is supposed to do, touch your heart!
Enjoy it here.

Have fun replaying.
Spread the good music out there.


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