Late night thoughts : You're lucky

Hi, been busy!
Things have been good.
My hands are so dry that my fingertips are cracking.
It's hurtingggggggggg...
Needing a lot of hand cream.
I have cuts all over my hands, I don't even know how I cut myself.
That was random, lol, but it hurt when I typed, so yeah...

Doing laundry now.
Waiting for it to be done so I can put them into the dryer.
Then, I can date my bed, love my bed, just, really, love, my bed.
I was a little pissed off today, at something.
Remember I always say, to be nice to everyone, it's their choice to deceive you or not.
Just finally realized that the world does not work this way.
The nicer you are, the worse you are treated.
I feel really discouraged at times.
What to do? It really is just life.
I find me asking myself too many questions.
I always ask myself why this why that, Daphne.
I just found the answer to all my questions.
It's life.
 As simple as that.

 Who am I to talk about my problems?
There's a plane crash and human getting burnt alive.
Millions of people suffering and starving.
How saddening and how ignorant.
Irony, irony everywhere.
 Double standard, double standard everywhere.
Think about this, you feel extremely small and tiny, instantly.

I'm so lucky.
We are lucky.
Be reminded that you're lucky.


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  1. I know how you feel. I have been in the same situation before. Treat them very well but I find that I still cannot blend in their gang. Feeling very depressed and upset somehow. 😔 the nicer person usually gets worst treatment? But well it's okay, I'm lucky ☺️☺️💞


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