Late night thoughts : Thirteen Reasons Why

Dumbest book I've ever read.
Dumbest girl.
This is supposed to be a book review of Thirteen Reasons Why.
I changed the title because my personal opinions overpowered everything, lol.
I do not understand why is this book so popular, I'm sorry.
I'm busy, friends wondered why I still had the time to read a book.
I read half of it after a meeting on Sunday.
I was like "man, this book is stupid, should I stop?"
My sifu who recommended this book said "it only gets better" with a smirk.
Man, reading back to my own typing, I think I just got why he told me to read this book.
I don't know he was being serious or he was being sarcastic.
So, I thought.... Give me something more than this, change my mind.
It's my sister's birthday today and I haven't really joined any family events recently.
I had to rush home for this family dinner and oh yeah, I got the time to finish it.
I should be hitting the sack now but this book... uh, I'm sorry, it wasted my time and... bla.

This girl, Hannah Baker ended her life.
She recorded bunch of tapes before she committed suicide.
She listed out thirteen reasons why she killed herself.
Then, passed the tapes on to people who deceived her.
The thirteen reasons, freaking... Dumb. So dumb.
Why do I sound so angry? Just so you know, I'm calmed, haha.
It made me think.
It made me think, not because I could relate, not at all.
I couldn't relate and I don't want to.

I'm pretty sure SOME people think of suicide at some point of life.
When they feel extremely helpless and sadness is engulfing them.
No, never, never do it, just never do it.
It's the most selfish act in this world.
Just. Think. About. Your dad and mum.
How can people do that to their parents?
Never. It's so selfish.
Do you know how much pain will you put them through?
Ok, say if you don't put the pain on them, you're in pain.
Suck it up, take the pain.
I'd rather take the pain myself than to put people through pain.
I read this quote
"I go through hell, so somebody doesn't have to"
I agree to it, not because I'm a saint or I'm the kindest person.
No, you just don't put your loved ones through such pain.

She sent the tapes to people who deceived her.
She had already killed herself but she wanted people to know how they deceived her.
Don't get it, don't get the point of doing it.
To let them know they were wrong?
So? Will you feel better? You're already dead anyway.

When someone told me.
"Don't worry, KARMA will kick them in the ass."
I never want KARMA to happen on anybody.
What is it going to do? How? So?
Even if KARMA happens to people who deceived me...
It's not going to undo the pain.
It's not going to undo the pain they put me through.
It's not going to help anything, at all.
At the end of the day, you need to get over it yourself.
This is based on heart breaks and mild cases.
Don't talk about murderers or rapists+, those deserve punishments.

Always see the goodness in people and stay good.
It's their choice to deceive you or not.
You can't stop them, it's life.

Hannah went for help at the end of the book.
She wanted help from Mr.Porter.
Mr.Porter said it's either that you take action or you get over it.
Asking her to get over it, it triggered her to finally kill herself.
Again. Dumb.
1. Never expect anyone to understand what you feel, they are not you.
2. Open up if you decide to seek for help.
(For the fact that, she didn't tell Mr.Porter shit, how was he supposed to know?)
3. Do something or get over it.

When I was depressed, my friends couldn't understand it.
My friends couldn't understand why I'm sad for such a thing.
It comes back to this, they don't know it because they are not me.
They didn't experience the things I experienced, they were not having the same thought.
They were not feeling what I was feeling.
 It's the same as Hannah, people think she makes mountains out of molehills.
The thing is they don't know what happened to her.

I'm pretty sure I'm a joke to certain people.
That I make mountains out of molehills too.
Haha, the thing is that they don't know anything.
 Maybe it's just different thinking, really, everyone is different.
They might think it was nothing but... whatever.

Even if you know the ugly truth...
Don't, there's no need to tear their mask away.
Cause, a mask is all that they have left.

Wow, this last line so power one.

Good night, xx.

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  1. How I wish my bestie knows about this. But she is already dead. Suicided. How much pain she has caused to her parents and people who love her. =*(


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