Late night thoughts : Empty

Hello, I'm home quite early today, got home at 12.30am.
It's 12:52am now, I had a quick shower, feel so good.
Doing my mask, this new mask I'm trying is so goooooood.
I'm doing a review about it soon anyway.

I think I work quite hard.
It's exhausting, I'm so drained recently.
I need doctor Rachel, like seriously.
I got home happy today because I'm so thankful for my staffs.
They are such a blessing, they lighten my burden a little by a little, day by day.
Gosh, I appreciate my blessing so much.
Yet, sometimes I get home really emotional.
It's like I work so hard for nothing.
I feel empty.
It's like I'm working for nothing.
I know I have to work for my future, it's something, it's an achievement.
I should think more maturely and I should feel a little proud of myself.
Hmmm, I don't know, I guess I miss that someone.
At least, I know he's doing well, he's happy, I'm happy that's he's happy.
Ahhhhh, just gotta get over it.
Hmmm, life... things just don't go your way sometimes...
I shouldn't be talking about something so private.

Can't wait.
Can't wait for the next chapter of my life.
Career is so important.

falling asleep, continue tomorrow, xx.


  1. So understand this. Feeling empty. missing someone. Nah just try your best to focus on things and people around you. That's life. A perfect life might make you don't know how to appreciate it

  2. Regardless of how busy you are, yet you'll feel the loneliness when you're done with the work. But that's life, move on to the next chapter and sooner you'll great about anything. There's nothing or no one in whole world you definitely need him to survive. You're doing great at your cafe and it's sort of achievement. Life's so short, fully utilise your time and let nothing to take you down. I went to visit you once, although I told your friend MK about it but lol seriously, I know nothing about you. Enjoy creating more opportunities to people around you.


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