Have a break, have a Kit Kat

Went to the launch of Kit Kat Rubies last month.
I'm SURE that all of you know what Kit Kat is.
Cause we all have breaks, when you "HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KIT KAT", lol.
Kit Kat introduced a new product, its very own premium chocolate, Kit Kat Rubies.
Each chocolate bar is layered with soft chocolate confection, a crispy wafer centre
and pieces of hazelnut encased in smooth milk chocolate.
The chocolate truffle cream was created using the finest ingredients.
Those crunchy caramelised roasted hazelnut pieces imported from Spain though...
One word. Yum...

A mountain of goodness.

Classy, crimson, attractive red wrappers.
Getting packed into elegant two-tier box.
It's a great gift for the loved ones.

Just Jane and me wearing our Kit Kat Rubies apron (:

Here comes the interesting part.
We got to make our own chocolate.
Kit Kat actually had marble tables ready to show us the process of tempering chocolate.

I learnt this in school and I also learnt to make truffles.
Trust me, it's so hard! It requires a lot of work to make a chocolate truffle.
Chocolate tempering is the process of heating and cooling chocolate.
If you didn't do it right, your chocolate will not set.
Proper tempering gives you the glossy and smooth finish, wow I sound like a pro.

Here's me, having a try tempering Nestle chocolate (:

Then, we got to add whatever we like.
Strawberry bits, hazelnut, almond and everything nice!
As you can see here, I like mine really nutty, haha!

Having lots of fun!

Craving for Kit Kat Rubies as I'm typing this, gahhhh.

This new product is aimed at launching Kit Kat into the premium gifting segment
to ensure consumers to have more varieties to choose from to give to their loved ones.
Now you know what to get for your special someone on special occasions!

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