Bye bye eye bags

I'm sorry that I can't reply the emails about my under-eye treatment at Dr Rachew Chew Clinic.
(Skin Art Clinic is Dr Rachel Chew Clinice, Dr Rachel Chew Clinic is Skin Art Clinic.
Lol, just a name change.)
I'll answer your questions here once and for all.

When was my last treatment?
I can't remember, more than 6 months ago.

People always say it doesn't help, it's costly to maintain.
HONESTLY, I will say it's true because that's the price for sleeping late.
That's the price to pay for beauty.
It's all your choice, really.
Some asked about the price, asked about how long will it last but I can't answer you.
Everyone's lifestyle is different.
I sleep so late every single day, I need to pay the price to maintain if i don't want my eyebags to show.
There are also other factors that affect the treatment.
Like drinking (alcohol), it might make the filler go off after.
Everyone's different.
For me, when I drink, I do think about it and cut down on it.

Go for consultation.
Trust me, I'm no expert but Dr Rachel will tell you what you need.
If your eyebags are too serious, doctor WILL NOT push you to do it.
My friend went to see her and she was told that her eyebags needed surgery.
Nobody wants angry clients, angry customers.
 Some are not so severe, doctor will recommend to go for a try.
Again, it's your choice, to try it or not.
If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't mean the doctor didn't do their job well.
(But of course, I have full confidence in Dr Rachel's skill.)
If it doesn't work for you, you might want to look into other options.
For me, I never want to go under knife.
If you ask me, yes, I'm happy with Skinartesse treatment.


After care.
2. Avoid drinking alcohol.
3. Use eye cream.
4. Don't rub your eyes, the skin around our eyes are the thinnest and the most sensitive.
5. Never go to sauna in the first week after treatment.
6. No facial or eye treatment MASSAGE for a month.

How long does it last?
If everything goes well, it will for about 8months-1year.
(Depending on the brand of filler you use.)

For me, my lifestyle is really unhealthy.
Work to late night and I have no time to go for facial treatment, sigh.
Gotta make time to pamper myself soon.

This post is not long but I hope I answer your questions.

Some pictures for you to see.
My eyebags condition is more serious than this though.

Instant result.
The effect will be better after two-three days.

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  1. Hi is there any side effect doing under eye treatment? :D


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