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Hey, beautiful people.
Happy New Year!
You're probably sick of people wishing you this but I'm still going to wish you.
Oh wait, I didn't even wish you guys a merry Christmas.
I had dinner with my family and I worked on Christmas eve.
It was pretty sad counting down alone without my family and close friends.
Went to church on Christmas morning, so much feels, gah.
Ahhhhh, I want to compose a heartfelt motivational new year resolution post for you..
but... to me, I don't know, this resolution thing is kind of a bullshiet.
I don't know if I typed a resolution post for 2013, 2014, for the past years.
I probably didn't, if I did, I was probably bullshietting myself all the way, lol.
Maybe I just give myself very high expectations.
I don't think I've achieved anything so far, I need something SOLID.
2013, I graduated?
2014, I played my first gigs and I was preparing for this huge thing.
2015, kazaboom!!! This achievement will be significant!!!
I finally can tell people what I've done before I turn 23.
Young and pumped!

So, I was going to type a motivational "new year new me" post but..
It's 2am now, I'm knackered, I assume this post is going to be a little messy
because I'm just going to speak what's on my mind.
Same old Daphne's style.

Things have been stressful.
With one of my goals that I'm working on.
I'm like a small girl trying to do big business.
I know, you just somehow got to start somewhere.
Sometimes, I feel very helpless, I feel alone on this, it's tough.
Still working on how to deal with pressure.
It's good pressure btw but I guess I wish I had a shoulder to lean on.
*Lol, hormone imbalance*

Shit also happened to close friends.
Especially this one, I'm so sorry I can't tell what but it bugs me so much.
I guess I take things more personally, I feel so bad for my friend.

For personal reasons, I'm thinking of quitting blogging and social media.
I guess you all know it because I've mentioned it before.
Plus my blogging career isn't going anywhere, lol.
I've passed my peak, now I'm just... meh... no where.
Mostly, I feel that my freedom is stripped.
It's not that I don't need the money I make off blogging and social media.
In fact, I need money, especially when this big thing is going on.
Still, to be honest, I really don't care.
I somehow just want my freedom back.
I want my privacy back.
One of the factors causing my previous relationship to fail is social media.
I also don't like how people have a misconception of me on how I portray myself on social media.
You won't get it, I just really want to... stay away from all that "pollution".
I don't want to be what I don't want to be.

It's life, isn't it?
What's life? What's dream? What's hope?
I know I have big dreams.
I want to chase after them.
I'm not giving up on music though, will never give up on music.
I wish I soon have time to finish composing the songs I write.

 I want to go to the UK, I want to travel to Europe.
I want to go to Edinburgh, I need to see the beautiful city.
I want to feel the sun in Santorini.
I want to watch Ed Sheeran play live in London.
I want to go to Glastonbury music festival.
I want to walk along the streets in Czech Republic.
I want to be at red light district in Amsterdam, find the bench of "The Fault in Our Stars".
Wow, this shiet needs some planning, lol.

I have to go to Coachella in the US, this has to wait till 2016, haha.

Gain more knowledge, seek wisdom and intelligence.
Intelligence is going to give me the success I want.
I can do so many meaningful things with the success I want.

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  1. Gah yau ! U are a good singer , hope u can do it 😊 pls sing more in project space


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