ZoukOut Singapore 2014

Just.. admiring the cup of goodness?
Just... I don't know? Resting my eyes? Whatever.

Hello, as I promised.
Blog update about ZoukOut Singapore 2014.
It was my first time going to this dance music festival.
I've heard a lot about ZoukOut before this, finally, getting to experience it for the first time.

With the things in hand, I felt so guilty going away.
Well, everyone was like "it's okay, you deserve more than a short break".
That did make me feel a lot better, lol lol.
It was impromptu, I don't know why do we do this.
We always do this, there's good and bad.
We don't have the time to plan, everything is expensive when you do it last minute.
Worth it though, we managed to pull it off.

I had errands to run on day time.
Got a late flight.
We were make-up ready, dressed before we got to the airport.
Flew to Singapore, had dinner at Changi, took a cab to the hotel, checked in.
Then, there we started rollin'.

We got the new E-class for transportation to Siloso Beach #ballsohardnotsohard, lol.


Checking hot guys and hot chicks out!

"Babe babe babe, check the nipples."

"Uh, you kidding me, bruh?"

"What do you want?"

"Daph, where ya boobs at?"

We left pretty early on the first day.
We actually hung out more at the second stage.
Above & Beyond was great though.
Nicky Romero and Steve Aoki, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
We also enjoyed Richie Hawtin's set at second stage!

 Peace out!!!

Next day, skip skip skip.
Had brunch at Wild Honey, went shoe shopping at PVS Singapore.
Coffee at Haji Lane.

Got back to the hotel, havoc.
We got there early enough to catch Goldfish & Blink.
Malaysian Pride!!!

Managed to catch up a little before they got on stage.
They played a really great set, the crowd was fantastic.
We used more than half of our energy dancing during their set, lol.

Got the night started.
Partied, got hungry, partied, got hungry, danced.

I don't know, lotsa kissing going on #nohomo

Feel the abs, bruh, feel the abs. Lol.

We enjoy the music we love, we can rave without alcohol.
Most people go there to get high and then listen to the dance music.
We go there for the music, to have alcohol or not, it doesn't matter.

Second stage, Maya Jane Coles, so goooooooooood.
We like the style of music she played.

Highlight of the wholeeeeeeeeee ZoukOut.
We all insisted to stay for Skrillex.
Well, at least, see him in real life.
We haven't seen Skrillex live before.
His set was 5am, 5 in the morning and we were there since 10pm.
We were pretty drained and sore legs, sore back, sore stomach, pumped too hard, LOL.
We thought we would only stay for 20minutes or so.

He dropped the first track, Take U There.
3 of us looked at each other and I said
"Girls! This shiet is damn good!"

Then, we started dancing to the beat.
People around us thought we were crazy.

Goodness, I didn't want to leave.
Didn't want Skrillex's set to end.
You know Skrillex's style of music, like super dupstep ish and electro, very hardcore.
I don't know if I'm right but he played some trap, black music,
rap music, electro house, less commercialized EDM.
He played "Summer", such commercialized track in his own style, made it a totally different thing. 
I heard people leaving and saying "how to dance to music like this?"
In my heart, I was like "awh man, this is the best music to dance to!"
Lol, I don't know man, I'm no EDM expert.

All I can say is that we really really really enjoyed ourselves.
We raved til the AM.
We left at 8.30am, sooooooooooo crazy.


  1. Can you blog more about books :)

  2. Skrillex's track is the easiest to dance with!
    Keep your head banging then you're perfectly fine! HAHA


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