Road trip to Ipoh

The new Petronas Primax 95 wants me to experience to believe.
Petronas "Experience To Believe" aims to further boost product understanding and
customer appreciation for Petronas Primax 95 with Advanced Energy Formula.
It was my first road trip as a driver.
I drove to Ipoh!!!
I got to experience first-hand superior efficiency of the newest fuel from Petronas
during a day-long convoy to Ipoh.

It really is an unforgettable experience.

I got up really early, the meeting time was 8 in the morning at Ben's, Publika.
Breakfast was provided and followed by interesting speech and brief.
The new Petronas PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula.
It's excellent for everyday journey.
Cleaner engine, finer fuel spray and reduced friction.
In short, it is developed with the health of my engine and my WALLET.
More scientific facts, please visit

I must say it was a successful event.
Everything needed was provided.
We even had walkie-talkies, so fun! Haha.
Stickers and flags were also provided to make it easier to recognize and identify us.

A group picture before departing.
Spot me!!!

We got to the designated Petronas station to re-fuel.

The convoy was comprised of 30+ cars fueled by
Petronas Primax 95 with Advanced Engery Formula.

Petronas convoy, let's go!!!

My leader has a great sense of humour.
Walkie-talkie made it even more interesting.
He went like
"There's dog by the road, there's a dog by the road.
Don't hit it, don't hit it.
It's brown in colour, it's brown."
Lol, that was cautious, he tried to make sure that we had a safe drive.
Then, when we stopped at traffic light and the traffic was pretty congested.
He started saying
"I think it's the right time to talk about the benefits of the new Petronas Primax 95.
Can you feel how smooth your drive is?
The Advanced Energy Formula gives you the best fuel efficiency.
It's the engineering that helps Lewis Hamilton win with 30% less fuel.
It's proven, guys."

They see us rolling...

Finally, after 2 hours+ drive.
We arrived at The Indulgence, Ipoh.
For memory, a picture with Lewis Hamilton...'s cutout.
 Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One TM Team ace racer
is the Technical Performance Consultant for Petronas Primax.

Lewis Hamilton's valuable inputs were then used to perfect the formulation of Petronas Primax 95
with Advanced Energy Formula for superior fuel efficiency and superior economy.
Petronas gained critical real-time feedback on the fuel's performance during tests and races.

We had scrumptious buffet.
Everyone filled their hungry stomach and we stayed to chit chat for a bit.

Flag off again and we headed back to our meeting point, Publika.
It was raining but the drive was really smooth.
Petronas Primax 95 cleans engine to optimize fuel delivery and creates finer fuel spray
to enhance fuel combustion and energy release and reduces friction to minimize energy loss.
There three key functions combine to deliver more mileage for greater savings.
I enjoyed the drive.
I did experience added power when I accelerate.
Plus I only used a few bars of fuel for the 2-way journey between KL and Ipoh.

Thanks for the experience, Petronas!

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