Project Daphne 4.0 by Editor Salon

There are times when I feel that nobody understands me.
I feel like I want to lock myself in a black box and not talk to anybody.
 Then, walk out from the black box a brand new person...
but... honey, life goes on, the mundane routine has to go on.
You can't hide, you need to go through it, being strong is the only option.
You need to work, you need to eat, you need to go for meetings, you need to run errands.
It's just life.

Chefuu and I always want to do something after our first hair styling video.
We were discussing, I just had this in mind.
I rescheduled everything I had in the morning and the afternoon.
Decided to just do it for art, do it for the people who can relate.
Appreciate art in our way.

It's okay to cry.
You might not get over it  but you will get through it.
You need a hero? Be one yourself.

Hope you like our work.
 Once again, thanks to Chefuu who poured his heart and soul to art he believes in.
Thanks to the Editor Salon for all their effort.

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