Diary : Puke Rainbows

Don't. Laugh. At. My. Fringe.
Trust me, hair will grow, lol.

Hi, been busy.
Morning to night...
When I say morning to night, it's really getting up at 7am and reaching home at late night.
I do not have a 9-5 job but people think I'm not doing much with my life, pfft.
 Can I hashtag 七日無休? Of course I can, it's my blog.
#七日無休 lol.
Direct translation - 7 days no rest, lol.
I meant I don't get to rest on weekends.
Everyone is rushing to wrap it all up, to wrap 2014 up.
I love Christmas, I love December but I do not want Christmas to come just yet.
It feels like it's too fast, it's coming too soon.
I'm not done with 2014 yet, give me more time.
December is so rewarding, I AM GRATEFUL,trust me, it's no easy work.

Just got another draft done and when I was doing it, I was like
"I'm so going to jump on my bed straight after this and sleep the shiet out!"
So knackered, sacrificing my sleep now to blog.
Yes, you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta love me harder.
Know you guys like it when I'm random because I'm hilarious when I'm random.
I know I'm funny.
Just imagine I'm keeping a straight face typing this, I'll at least make you smile.
 I'm just thinking... my small thighs are so sore right now, so sore.
Just my upper thighs last two days because I did squats.
Yes, didn't you know I'm all about that bass? I do squats. LOL.
Went running with Jane last night, my small thighs are hurting now.
To be honest, I'm not sacrificing sleep to blog.
I was just feeling hungry and Daphne doesn't go to bed hungry.
So, I used my last bar of energy to cook a bowl of Maggi curry.
I'm full now, I don't think I can sleep.
I meant I can sleep, my pillow still looks as soft as ever.
Just thinking that it's not good for digestion, so Imma rest a bit.

Currently playing the song Habits by Tove Lo, live version specifically.
My goodness, I'm so mainstream.
Ok, let's change a song.
Let's play...
Justin Bieber.


Sometimes I feel like a tiny superwoman.
I do my blogging stuff, having a business thingy going on, going for coffee classes and I sing.
 Nobody knows that I do underground gigs, nobody.
Shiet, now you know... but you don't know where, when and what, ha!
 Also singing regularly at bars too, kinda sick of it, I quit!
No, I'm joking, I signed a contract, I quit... soon!

Sometimes I feel I'm as weak as shiet.

Wish I made you laugh a lil.
I'm sorry if I didn't.
Smile, okay?
I know life makes you want to puke.
Life makes you puke, make sure you puke rainbows.
Oh my, I write quote now!
That was a good one, wasn't it?
Dayum, instagram this tomorrow.

When life makes you want to puke, make sure you puke rainbows
-Daphne Charice



  1. Can you be any cuter? ( ^∇^)

  2. Omaigawd,hahah!thank you for the post!u've made my day!Having bad days,almost wanna puke,but like u said it,make sure you puke rainbows!

  3. Trust me daphe, you look gorgeous with fringe ! 😍 love reading your sincere and heartfelt blog post. Your posts are not only about ads and promoting stuffs but also some facts about life which really speaks up my mind. Thanks for being an inspiration to me. Just wanna tell you that no matter what happen in your life, stay strong and be positive. Most of all, be confident. Not sure if you are attending the second day of zoukout. But if you do, I hope I will have the chance to meet you. :D Have a wonderful day gorgeous. God bless 💗

  4. Daphne辛苦啦、你的演出我們很愛看、


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