Can I leave for New Zealand?

I read the book, Papertowns by John Green.
I mentioned that one of my favourite quotes is
“It is so hard to leave—until you leave.
And then it is the easiest godd*mned thing in the world.”

If I could leave this place right now, I would.
I want to study abroad, gain more knowledge, I want to see more of the world.
If I can, New Zealand will be the perfect place for me to live and learn.

I always want to go to New Zealand.
The first thing that comes to mind is their internationally recognized education.
This website provides students a personalized view from a real international student 
on the opportunities of studying in New Zealand.
I want Anaiss' "A Day in Life".
Her bike ride, the course she's studying, the dancing, the hangouts and the music jamming.

Second thing, the mountains and the greens.
They are out of this world.
The environment is so well-preserved.
Imagine yourself looking at this spectacular view and inhaling fresh air.

Third thing, milk...
I meant, the cows, the sheep and... the Kiwis.

Imagine the fresh local milk I can drink every morning.

Forth thing, music.
It'll be so awesome if I can pursue music in New Zealand.
Lorde, one of my favourite artists, she's a New Zealander.
Raised in Auckland, she signed with Universal Music in her early teens.
That kind of opportunity you get in New Zealand, I wish I had one.
 For those who are clueless about life after graduation.
Think, think hard and then start very early.
Studying abroad gives you the opportunities and experiences.
It's a new adventure everyday.

Back to music.
I thought of this video I watched a few months back.

One of my favourite indie band from Ireland, Kodaline.
They just randomly dropped by Silo Park before their gig in Auckland.
When I first watched this video, I was like "why am I not in NZ?"
"Why do artists just show up like this at a park?"
Imagine I get to write music at Silo Park, just chilling, enjoying the sun.
Suddenly, Kodaline came by with a guitar and decided to play us something.
Oh my, I would have fainted.

I'm still waiting for Kodaline to come to Malaysia.
Again, it's the unforgettable experience you get outside of your country. 

Fifth thing, nice people.
I met friends from New Zealand when I was living in Aussie.
I call them the New Zealanders.
They are very hardworking and artistic.
My friend, Emily, she's doing very well in photography now.
I always look at her photography work on Facebook.
New Zealand has the streets, the view, the sky, the parks, the greens for fantastic photography.

Not to rub in your face but I met Lorde in person.
She is very very very very very nice.
I wish we were friends, hahaha.
She's successful but extremely down to earth.
I met her mum too, gahhhhhh.

Explore the world, make new friends with different cultural difference.
Have the experience of a lifetime!

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