Camera review : Pentax Q-S1

Holding Pentax Q-S1 in yellow.

So many of you always ask me to recommend good camera.
Honestly, I'm a huge fan of Ricoh cameras.
I had 2 Ricoh cameras.
I sold one to upgrade to a better Ricoh, I got my second Ricoh in Hong Kong.
Then, my friend broke my Ricoh and it was too expensive for me to fix it =,=
It's really cool how Ricoh bought over Pentax years ago.
Pentax, it's another renowned Japanese camera maker.
Check out more about Pentax on

Thanks to Ricoh, I get to try the latest Pentax Q-S1.
Pentax Q-S1 is a lens-interchangeable digital camera.
(I encourage people to go for lens-interchangeable cameras)
Its 1/1.7-inch image sensor helps deliver high quality images.
It sports a classic design with striking colours.

Even the cameras look more stylish than me.
I can't choose!
40 attractive colour themes to match your style!

It's so compact, it's tiny and easy to be carried around.
I was shocked when I first saw the camera.
Packed goodness in such a small device.
When I pulled it out to show my girl friends.
They were like "awwwwwwww, so cute..."

Loving the aluminum touch on the camera.

Resolution as high as 12.4Megapixels, everyone!!!
Full HD movie recording, even during high sensitivity shooting.
I need HD movie recording as I always make singing videoes (:
Large, high resolution 3.0inch LCD monitor treated with
AR(Anti Reflection) coating to produce sharp and bright images even under bright sunshine.

Loving the colours, I match them with my OOTDs.


My sister almost went crazy when I showed her this colour.
Pastel pink.



I can't choose my favourite colour.
Black? Blue? Red? Yellow? White?
They are all too pretty! I like it striking and special.

Pentax Q-S1's unique Bokeh Control function allows users to make subjects stand out
by automatically assessing relative distance between the in-focus subject and
obtrusive objects in the field of view.
You can effortlessly capture high quality images with
beautifully defocused foregrounds and backgrounds.

Move on to the most important part...
I know you all want to see pictures taken by Pentax Q-S1.
Here are some pictures I took, stay tuned for my ZoukOut post soon.
They pictures were all taken by this camera.


Flashed selfie.

Flash photography.

Food picture.


I'm really impressed with the resolution.
12MP is great for printing, the quality remains sharp even if you print it as huge as A1 size.
If you love printing photos to add to your photobook collection,
Pentax Q-S1 is able to keep the picture quality at its best.
There are a few pictures that I took and zoomed in and picture quality is still really good.

I printed this to decorate my room and I love the quality!

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