Beach is calling!

I went to the beach in Indonesia lately and something very awkward happened.
I was going to Philippines soon and I was not going to let the same thing happen again.
So, I went after the professionals.
MUSEE Platinum Tokyo, Japan's No.1 Hair Removal Salon.
I need to get rid of the hair on my underarm and bikini line.
I go for Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C) hair removal (IPL) at Musee because
it's effective, long lasting and painless.
Imagine waxing... Never tried it before and never want to try, lol.
Some of my friends go for waxing and they said the pain is insane.
You have to bear the pain, plus your hair grows fast and thicker, oh no!
I was surprised to find that waxing is not cheap, why not go for S.S.C at Musee?

There's no hidden cost at MUSEE.
They are not pushy, consultation is FREE.
Money will be refunded if you're not satisfied.
Let's say if you get the 6 sessions package, you completed 4 and you're not happy.
MUSEE will refund your payment of the 2 sessions remaining.
Just going to share my personal experience here.
 I signed up with the underarms+bikini line package because
they offer UNLIMITED sessions for only RM128 with no additional cost!
They have a package for underarms and bikini line + Upper Lip 1 session for the same price.
This is the promotion for their 5th outlet opening in Sunway Pyramid, valid only in December 2014
and available for all outlets in Klang Valley too.
I also did the treatment on my small thighs.
You can check the packages here

Started with my underarms.
Remember to shave first 2 – 3 days before you come for the treatment!
MUSEE staff will ensure your underarms are cleanly shaved before the treatment.

Then, they will apply a thick layer of cooling gel on your underarms.
It's really cold, you can see it from my expression, haha.
It's to protect our skin, to make sure we don't feel pain and it's relaxing.

I'm not going to go "technical" here but it's painless.
Really comfortable, it's like I was enjoying spa, lol.

Look at me, totally enjoying it, hahaha!

Do not pluck your armpit hair after treatment.
Hassle-free, just the the PROs handle it, unlimited sessions anyway ;)

Just checking... haha!
I'm hairless now.

I was really shy at first to do hair removal on bikini line but I know I HAD TO because
I want to look pretty and feel "safe" when I swim or hang out by the beach.
I want to feel good in and about my skin.

It feels really inviting and comfortable at MUSEE.
Plus I do not want to do waxing, so I decided that S.S.C hair removal is the best option.
It's a simple procedure, they will place a V-line plate to mark the areas to be shaved.
It's fast and painless, no discomfort at all. 
MUSEE staffs are all very professional and well-mannered.
 Most importantly, the procedure is very hygienic.
Paper disposable panty will be provided.
Cold gel will not be reused.

I will not need to be worried about wearing bikini or short skirt anymore.
The beach is calling again!!!

I was given a cute shaver and a V-line plate, so I can shave 2-3days before my treatment. 
I would and will also want to shave myself before treatment.
Save time and awkwardness can be reduced, lol.
If your hair is shorter, the treatment will be more effective.
If you use tweezers to pluck your hair, treatment will not be effective because
the treatment will not react to your hair.

This was me in Cebu, Philippines right after treatment.
Feeling good in my own skin.

I'll need to have my treatment soon again to be ready for Singapore!!!

Do your hair removal the right way!
Stop taking extreme pain and damaging your skin.
You should really try MUSEE.
Consultation is free, you can book here


  1. Omg ur expression was so funny(second pic with cold gel) I haven't even finished reading and I am here typing comment coz it's just too funny and I can't wait to tell you haha!

  2. So its ok to wear your own bra during the hair removal treatment?
    And for the bikini line treatment, must we remove the paper disposable panty?
    Im a very shy person, so i just want to make sure I wont embarrass myself during the treament...


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