Skinartesse Follow-up

My favourite picture with doctor Rachel :D

I'm going to talk about Skinartesse 3D chin today.
To those who really want to do it, I wish this post helps a little.
If you haven't read my first visit to Skin Art Clinic, read it HERE.
Btw, Skin Art Clinic has been renamed to Rachel Chew Clinic.
Well, of course, everyone goes there for doctor Rachel.
So, Rachel Chew Clinic is the perfect name.

My main concern was always my chin.
I'm so skinny, my face is sunken.
I have a long chin but it doesn't have a shape.
I want the moon-shaped face.
My chin is slanted inwards, that's my natural feature, how sad.
I also had a bad dentist, the braces didn't help to give me perfect teeth
but screwed my jaw up, my jaw is not aligned.
It always seems like I'm biting on something but it's just my jaw.
 I don't even want to talk about the mean comments about my chin on Instagram, lol.

I've always been wanting to "fix" my chin.
 I signed up with Skinartesset Heart Face treatment on my first visit.
Skinartesse is a treatment that enhances your face as a whole/in overall.
Doctor Rachel told me that I needed to be patient.
Again, everyone is different, I can't tell you what you need, you know yourself.
Consultation is free, make your appointment through
WeChat account - skinartclinic or WhatsApp to +6019 - 6211399

I had Juvederm filler injected in the middle and the side.
I need a fuller face, people often want a small face but I wanted my face to be fatter, lol.
Look at the instant result.
There's a tiny apple on my chin now.

Day two.
Just a little bruised.
It depends on your skin, some wouldn't have bruise at all.
It's no big problem, just use your concealer and cover it, it will go away in two days.
I didn't try to cover it up in this picture.

Moon-shaped face, yes!!!

Day four.
Bruise was gone.
I hated side portraits, I love them now.
I have fuller tempers and cheeks now, most importantly, a 3D chin.

I asked doctor Rachel.
"Doctor, is there any side effect for aesthetic procedure?"
She replied "yes, there is."
I was surprised, "what is it?????"
"The side effect is that you'll look yourself in the mirror for more than 100times a day."

Lol, it's really true.
The confidence boost you get though... I really need that...

2 weeks after.
I;m very happy with the result, thanks doctor Rachel!

Went to see doctor Rachel the other day.
Hadn't been to the clinic in a while, too satisfied with my face, lol, how vain.
She just got back from International Aesthetic Experts Conference in Europe. 
Elegant and professional. 

We were just catching up a little.
Just showing doctor some Instagram pictures, haha!

The signature Rachel Chew Clinic front door photo, lol.
I wanted one.


  1. Hey, I read your post which you ve been to Lafa and also Dr Rachel. So which one is better? Pls help

  2. Hey, I read your post which you ve been to Lafa and also Dr Rachel. So which one is better? Pls help


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