Music Talk : Ed Sheeran in Malaysia, Jessie J

Yes, got some time off today!
I'm going to talk about music, haven't blogged about music lately.
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First thing.

I think I made it known to people that I'm quite a hardcore Ed Sheeran fan.
So sweet of you guys who bothered to send me messages, xx to you!
It's not just Facebook messages, Instagram comments.
I received texts from my friends too.
Some congratulated me for my dream coming true, haha.
Yes, Ed Sheeran is coming to Malaysia.
Yes yes, what a dream come true.
I've actually planned to go to Aussie with Jane next March.
I was planning a trip to catch Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran live.
Two birds with one stone yeah.
(Talking about the two, Ed Sheeran made a special appearance at a Sam Smith's gig.
Yeh, it's like hitting a jackpot with a jackpot, I want to be British for that.)
Then, Ed confirmed a show in Singapore.
I thought Singapore would be it.
Until he announced his only show in Malaysia.
*moment of silence*
Too excited, I don't even know how to react, really calm this time.
Just waiting for the ticket release date, it's getting closer.
I'm going to get the tickets, then patiently wait for March 16.

FYI, he's playing at Hall 5, KL Convention Centre on 16th of March 2015.

My mission as a Sheerio is to spread his goodness.
I'm happy that I influenced my followers to listen to him.
My friends who didn't believe in his goodness are now completely converted.
I take credit for that (:

I think I love him in suits or checkered(s).

1. Watch his latest music video of "Thinking Out Loud". 
I shared too many times, I think people are getting tired of it, so Youtube it yourself.
He dancedddddddddd...
2. Watch out for MTV EMA, he's performing!
3. The outfit he wore for X Factor UK, so much drooling.
4. Yes, he has a girlfriend, she's hot, she gets to yumcha with Taylor Swift and travel with Ed.
She's backstage all the time, most importantly, she gets most loving from Ed (:
Lol, I sound so fan girl, ok maybe just a little bit.

Moving on.
I want to talk about Jessie J today.
The music she makes is not really my type but I can't deny they are pretty catchy.
What impresses me more is her passion for music.
She's very underrated for a powerful, unique voice like that.

To be honest, when I first heard "Bang Bang",
I thought this tune was too commercialized, it sounded not original, 
sounded like just any other pop-R&B-hip hop.
It was probably the radio, haha, I danced so hard to this song at the club, lol.
Surprisingly, I know the lyrics to it.
This song is made to go very popular and they made it.

Her energy on stage is very very very admirable.
Forget about the high key at chorus for "Burnin' Up", check 2:38min+, that crazy vocal.

She owns my favourite part for "Bang Bang".
She nails it every time, 2:41min+.
I wish she rapped though, but this song is too hard to be done alone
since this song is made for THREE singers to sing, imagine how hard it is.

Her vocal range is so wide.
She can go really low and extremely high, not many can do that.

Gawd, I love her enthusiasm.

Hope you enjoyed the videos.
That's it for music today.
I'll do book review soon again, haven't done it in a while.
So many of you asked for book review, gahhh, let's see if I can finish one book today.
If you have any good book to recommend, want me to read it, let me know!

See you, xx.

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