Heart wants what it wants

Wow, I can't keep up with time.
Time passes too fast.
My previous blog post felt like it was just yesterday.
I looked at the date, I last updated 6 days ago. Whut?
Time, calm yo tits, go slower...
I need more time, can't believe it's almost mid November.
2015 is coming!!! Whut?
Something big is about to go down on December.
It has to be December.

Haven't done hair treatment in a while.
My hair is dying along with the stress, it needs more nutrients, lol!
The salon I go to, Editor Salon has relocated for about a month now.
I only had time to visit my hairdresser, Chefuu last week.

Did Kerastase hair treatment as usual.
Hair is smooth as crazy.

Tried black brows the other day.
Always like black brows, wish I had Cara Delevingne's eyebrows!

Black leather dress from Australia.
Necklace from www.byinviteonly.info
Long socks from H&M.
Creepers from Topshop.

Hairstylist Chefuu and yours truly.

Did this hairstyle the other day, I really liked it.

As much as I want to continue blogging, my eyes are closing.
My schedule is so packed, not complaining!
Flying off this Saturday, I don't like flights but no complaining, Daphne, no complaining.

Today's music...
Haha, mainstream but... I've been replaying.
I was really intrigued by the monologue.
The music video is very well filmed, especially when they decided to go with black and white.
Very satisfying visual.
My favourite part is 3:04min onwards.

Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants
"Save your advice cause I won't hear.
You might be right but I don't care."

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