Jane, Ashley and I have started our coffee lesson.
We like coffee, we share the same interest in coffee.
Classes are being conducted at Three Little Birds, Sentul.
Jane and I hang out here a lot, didn't know we get a chance to learn about coffee now.

Learnt some theories on the first lesson.
In fact, I learnt a lot about coffee in school but I forgot about them all, lol.
The notes are somewhere in the files on my book racks, haha.
I took new notes this time ;)

Then, we learnt about tamping.

Meet my sifu, Joey Mah.
The owner of Artisan coffee beans.
He's such an inspiration, I look up to him a lot.
He's a great instructor and a good friend, he's doing us a very big favour.
He's very patient with us, lol.

Espresso extraction.
This is pretty hard because I still don't quite get it, lol.
But but but, I'm getting there, give me some time.

Trying to look at the colour change of the espresso, haha.
Extraction time can't be too short, can't be too long, oh my.
I'm getting there, I'm getting there...

This is one sexy beast.
Wish I can afford a nice coffee machine in the future.
It's a customized Mirage coffee machine, mmhmmm, sexy.

This is random but I miss Jane.
She is touring Europe, I think she's in Rome now.
I haven't seen her for a month.
This was the last day I hung out with her.
I left to Philippines after that and when I came back, she left for UK.
Ahhh, I miss her, I need her.

Jane doing her thang.

Have been going to classes with Ashley lately.
Didn't get any pictures on my camera but you can monitor my improvement on instagram (:
I started doing coffee art and I think this is the hardest part.

Work has been extremely stressful.
Chasing after my dream has been exhausting.
My personal life is a complete mess.

I'll do better, xx.

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