My exhausted face after 4 hours of flight and work for a day.
Finally arrived at my hotel.

Just before I left to Philippines, my telco company gave me problems.
1. I don't get them to send me paper bills.
They charge a fee for paper bill, it's also a waste of paper/tree.
2. I always forget to pay my bill because I don't get a bill.
It always goes overdue and they always want to bar my line.
Hate it when it happens, ain't nobody got time for that.
3. Customer service line takes forever to connect to.
When I finally make it, I wanted to pay my bill using my credit card.
4. Incompetent customer service.
They said I have to go to the store to verify my credit card.
My goodness, I went through all that hassle for nothing.

Anyway, I was on roaming.
I called my telco company to make sure my roaming internet was unlimited before I left Malaysia.
They said yes it's unlimited internet for 24hours.

I was working and my internet stopped working.
Didn't they say unlimited?
What's speed reduction when the internet didn't work at all?

The work mails and work chats came in right after I connected to the hotel wifi.
My sleep hour is reduced now.

The unhappiest thing I've encountered with my telco company is that
they charged me RM30 for a new nano sim card.
I don't know how and why does a nano sim card cost RM30.
When I worked in Aussie, I swapped at least 10 sim cards a day for customers.
You know, it's part of the service for using our connection.
I wish there's something like Aussie telcos in Malaysia.

Then, it finally happened.

Anyway, what impresses me more is that
Altel developed a digital platform www.altelnativ.my
for the consumers voices to be heard and developing an end product
based on what consumers need and want.
It is a forum platform for ALL mobile consumers to share their thoughts and opinions
about their existing mobile experience.
What an act of converging communities.
It encourages consumers to come together to produce crowd-sourced contents
of what a network provider should be.

Go on to www.altelnativ.my now to vent or compliment about your current mobile network!

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