Watch my music handshake!

Unbox your life for fun!
Life is awesome when you unbox the fun side of it.

Everyone is familiar with Chipsmore.
Who hasn't tried Chipsmore before?
Chipsmore is a cookie brand that inspires consumers to see more of the fun side of life.
I stumbled across this "Chipsmore Don't Do It! Unless You're Awesome" contest.
Oh well, I am pretty awesome.
So, I had to join this contest, haha!

Ok, here is how it works.
This contest consists of three challenges.
1. The Super Cool Secret Handshake.
 2. The Extraordinary Chore Exercise.
3. The Wacky In-Sync Dance.
Each user is allowed to submit multiple videos per challenge.
User can only win one prize per challenge.

Just the other day, my singing partner Kang Er and I were just practicing in the studio.
Living our mundane life.
Suddenly, I thought of this contest.
I was like "hey, bro, let's do something fun and awesome!"
Kang Er was holding his guitar.
I was learning to play the song "Kiss Me" on the ukulele.
Well, why not do a handshake which involves music? Lol.

Hahahaha, it was funny, it was interesting.
The whole studio was abruptly filled with laughter.
How did we do? Not too bad hey? (:
 Thanks to "Chipsmore Don't Do It! Unless You're Awesome" contest
for reminding how awesome normal routine can be!

The top 50 videos with the most views from each challenge will be shortlisted.
The most creative entries will stand a chance to win attractive prizes.
There will be 1 grand prize winner per challenge and
2 Consolation/Special awards per challenge.

The prizes are as below:
Grand prize: Sony Playstation 4 + 1 year supply of Chipsmore (1 for each challenge)
Consolation prize : Asus Fonepad + 1 year supply of Chipsmore (2 for each challenge)

 I've never won anything in my life.
Please let me win something with my music handshake :D
Submission closes on 8th November 2014.
So, hurry up, I challenge you!!!
Go to to find out more!

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