Vas happeninz

Hey! I'm sorry!
I've been very busy, it's so tiring but it's going to worth all my effort.
I'm working towards my goal. It's happening, it's really happening.
I give my all, everything, all I have, it's very stressful.
I seldom get pimples but I get them on my forehead a lot lately.
I don't know, blame it on the period.
What am I talking about?

Let me just summarize how my month went.

Marques Almeida x Topshop

GBGTV x Twenty3
Magazine and leaflets photoshoot.
I almost, almost do not do photoshoots because I'm not good with it.
I normally turn down photoshoot but if my nanny says I have to do it, I have to.
I don't know why, I can "selfie" all day err day but just not photoshoot.
My individual shoot that day was horrifying because I don't know how to pose and shiet.
Everyone just told me to be confident.
Lol, I want to but I don't know how to but anyway, the day was through.
 I learnt something, I guess... I learnt that I should never waste opportunities.
Did a photo and video shoot for charity, I'll share it when it's out!

You can see how thick the make up was from this picture, lol.

Fake lashes too heavy, Imma just close ma eyez.

"Flawless" skin shizz nit.

If you wonder where Nana went.
She was the last one to put on her make up.
So, we were having some fun while waiting, haha!

Zalora Malaysia x Book of Life
One of the most tiring days, gothic look to suit the theme.
The highlight of the day :
Ash and I being kiddy, playing with the coolest auto seats in TGV Indulge.
Ash and I get really really really childish sometimes, hahaha.
You don't want to see how we laugh little stupid things, yeh, it's not normal, lol.

Spending too much on food and coffee.
You can see more on my Instagram about some pretty cool places I went to.
 Instragram is more convenient to share things, quick and simple.

Ain't nobody got time to wash hair.
I'm joking, I wash my hair everyday.
I don't know why I keep going off topic today, lol, just, stay with me~

Went to catch Yiruma live in Malaysia.
Oh yes, it was fantastic, fan-tas-tic.
It was incredible, one my the best shows I've ever seen.
Everyone was so serious in the hall but my head just kept swaying along with his piano playing.
His music touches my heart and soul, every single one of them.
I was like am I not serious? why is everyone so serious? I'm enjoying the music too.
Why is everyone so serious? why does everyone sit so still? they don't feel the music?
I guess all I wanted to say was that I couldn't help moving along, lol.

Thanks to M and Swaggaboi6989 for the photo opportunity with Yiruma.
I was really excited to meet him, I didn't even know what to say.
What? You jelly? Well, you should be.
Hahahahaha, I'm joking.

I feel really lucky to be in touch with things that are related to music.
So so so lucky.
As much as I want to continue, I need to go get ready for dinner.
Bringing my mum out for some nice food.
I'll blog about a movie that inspired me lately.
Also, more about music.
Woohoo, wait for me!

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  1. hi,haha!I cant stop smiling reading ur entries!its the best way for me to get inspired!thank u for being awesome!


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