Trust me, take oats!

Am I a morning person? Yes.
Am I a breakfast person? Yes.
I don't have the time to make "complicated" breakfast because I take too long getting ready.
I like everything fast, easy, nutritious and tasty.
My breakfast is the same everyday - hot nutritious drink with biscuits or cereals.
The important thing to me is that they ALL have to be oats or whole grain products.
I have the skinny gene running in my family.
Somehow, I think that taking oats actually helps maintain my healthy but slim body.
People often ask how do I keep fit, I don't, well, I guess now I know how.

Nestle Nestum is Malaysia's most well known hot cereal brand.
Yes, I take Nestum 3 in 1 every morning and sometimes before bed.
It is the perfect choice that nourishes and uplifts my body and mind everyday.

I was really happy when I was invited to join Nestum More Cereal More Life Zumba session.
It's a fun Zumba session with professional instructors.

The instructor did the Nestum tune and tummy tapping dance, haha!
I've seen it on TV and online.

 What a great activity that got everyone involved.
Everyone loves the Zumba session!

You can find out more about Nestum Truck's location here.
It might be at the park near your residential area (:
They give out Nestum 3 in 1 samples and you can purchase limited edition Nestum Packs!

Oh, I would not miss this chance.

I take Nestum 3 in 1 at home.
It has the goodness of whole wheat, corn and rice.
I didn't know there are also Honey and Chocolate flavours.
I really liked the honey one, I was thinking honey is good for my throat, lol.
I got home and  I told my mum about it, so she can buy different flavours in the future, haha.

Breakfast is important, don't skip breakfast.
Make a cup of Nestum 3 in 1 every morning.
Let the nutrients fill you up!
No more grumpy and hungry mornings (:

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