Straight and Purple

My friends and I attended the media launch of Sunsilk Perfect Straight last Tuesday.
It was a successful launch and it was also a fun and interactive event.
The dress code for the day was purple, everyone went purple for Sunsilk Perfect Straight!
Another cool thing is that we all came with straight hair.
It's one of the things girls can agree on, straight hair makes anyone feel beautiful and confident.
Sunsilk proudly unveiled Sunsilk Perfect Straight that keeps hair beautifully straight
and aligned as it dries.

Cherrie and I teamed up because we wore the same shade of purple!

Just having fun snapping pictures before the launch began.

It started with a speech by Miss Ashlee Ng, Personal Care Director of Unilever Malaysia.
With Sunsilk Perfect Straight, they hope to empower women and inspire them
to enjoy life with confidence that comes with beautiful, straight, healthy hair.

Sunsilk introduced Perfect Straight with a mini play and dance.
This mini play brings the proposition of achieving straight hair with just one wash to life.
I was extremely entertained and impressed.

Then, followed by a hair showcase featuring girls flaunting their beautiful locks
of varying lengths down the runway, perfected with Sunsilk Perfect Straight.

A demonstration was also carried out to show us the result of a hair wash
using and without using Sunsilk Perfect Straight.
There was a noticeable difference on the model's hair.
Her hair was really straighter after using Sunsilk perfect Straight.

Teaming up with straight hair expert Yuko Yamashita to achieve best result for straight hair.
Boasts of the advanced formula with Straight Lock TechnologyTM 
that penetrates deep into hair fibre, reduce frizz and holds every strand aligned as it dries.

Draw as many straight lines as you can within 30 seconds on the Sunsilk Perfect Straight app.
Then, write the most creative slogan about Sunsilk Perfect Straight.
Easy work, you're done, wait for good news!

10 top scorers with most creative slogans will win RM100 cash vouchers and Sunsilk products,
Grand prize winner gets to enjoy one night stay for two at the Grand Hyatt KL,
RM300 shopping vouchers and Sunsilk products!

I played the game thrice and won freebies!

 You just need to draw lines and unleash your creativity to win these goodies.
Thank Sunsilk's passion in helping girls achieve beautiful hair with awesome add-on like this (:

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