Just a day before.

*Before you start thinking I'm being disrespectful to put this up publicly,
you should know that KX sees this more openly than I do and they have my utmost respect*

One of my closest friends, KX just lost her beloved mother.
I address her mum as Mizi because KX likes to invent nicknames for everyone.
I don't know since when everyone starts addressing her mum as Mizi.
 The day before this happened, KX and I were chatting away happily.
We are complete idiots when we are together.
She's crazy, she's really crazy, she has got an attitude but thank God she's likable.
Everyone pampers her so much, she's grateful that she's likable, lol.
3 in the morning, we were both still snapchatting.
Then, I got the shocking text late at night.
I couldn't compose myself, I thought she was playing some prank on me.
I called my mum right after I received the shocking text.
I told her that I'm thankful she's healthy and that I love her.
I mumbled it though, I don't know if she heard it.

She's a bubbly girl, she smiles and laughs a lot.
I showed up at her place to pay Mizi respect.
The moment she saw me, she cried so bad.
Oh my, my heart hurts so bad, I didn't know what to say.
I just hugged her and said I'm sorry.

Fate brought us together, I guess.
It was the first day in a private school.
I changed school all the time and I was kinda sick of making new friends.
I was standing right outside my classroom, no make up on, wearing my specs.
KX passed me by and said
"You're the blogger Daphne, wtf are you doing in my school?"
Lol, that's so KX because she's straight forward like that, haha.
"Oh, I just transferred here to study."
"Let's do lunch later."
Well, sure, that was easy.
It was a pretty tough time and I was moving house as well.
My mum used to travel 40minutes everyday to send me to school.
KX offered to let me stay in her home for the time being.
Surprisingly, Mizi welcomed me with open arms.
I guess Mizi thinks that I'm a good influence but I'm actually not.
Well, I probably influenced her to wear dress and be more girly, lol.
Mizi is really gracious, she's really nice and she seems like she has got no temper.
*Mizi stalks my Instagram, how cute, haha!
She spoils KX a lot and KX is a brat, ok, was a brat.
I always nagged KX, to appreciate everything.
She rebellious but she loves her mum a lot, we all know that.
They are really close, their mum and daughter relationship is really good.

Mizi was sick.
Everyone didn't see it coming.

I cried pretty bad this morning, my eyes are still hurting.
KX cried so so so bad, it was so hard to watch, so hard for me to watch.
I couldn't do anything to help, I could only offer company, just standing there.
You know that kind of loud crying with feet stomping and collapsing to the ground.
She was hurting so bad and she said her heart's hurting so bad.
We know, sweetie, we know, it's hurting.
I'm sorry.

What's even saddening.
A man weeping.
Her dad was in so much pain.
I can't imagine. I cannot imagine.

Life... life is such a pain in the ass.
People say appreciate before it's too late.
Sometimes even if you appreciate something, life would still screw you up.

I pray for the Lew family.
I hope they recover very soon.
Mizi will always be remembered and missed.
Her graciousness will always be remembered.
I'm not really close with Mizi but there was a connection there.
Dedicating this post to KX and thank you Mizi for teaching me so much.
I hope she knows that and I hope she knows we will try our best to take care of KX.
I don't know if KX will read this, I wish she doesn't because I don't want her to be sad.
I wish she does because I want to let her know that she and Mizi are loved.
Rest in Peace, Mizi.

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