Love, Rosie

What kind of a lover are you?
Will you put your ego down for the one you love?
I find there are two types.
One is the stubborn, egoistic one who never want to back down.
One is the reasonable, understanding one who would give in.

 You know, I still receive emails about the "don't be jealous of your partner's ex gf/bf" post.
Some guys thank me because I made their girlfriend understand.
Some girls thank me for making them understand.
Yeh, I know, very flattering, I'm happy that I can help.
I think I was a bad tempered girlfriend, I've learnt now and I want to do better.
I've never been so calm, I'm just really calm now.
Somehow, I feel there's no need for argument.
Well, I don't know yet because I'm not in a relationship, I'm just seeing someone.

I have so many egoistic girl friends, I think, I guess.
They never back down, they don't back down, they don't give in.
Sometimes, I really wonder how they do it, my salutations.
This is the first type - the "I don't give a fxxx" type.
"Oh yeah, you don't text me? I'm not going to text you."
"Oh yeah, you're not sorry? Don't expect me to be sorry."
Lol, normally in this case, I'd just go like "can you both just make up already?"
They can just be really fine and really just not give a damn about it.

The second type - I don't even know what to call this type.
The soft ones, I guess.
I think I'm this type, most of the time.
I'd want to reason, there's no need for argument, there's space for discussion.
That's my moto, just tell me if you're not happy, lol.
鬥氣很累耶 得來的是甚麼?

There's no such thing as win or lose in this.
Quoting John Legend, "even when I lose, I'm winning..."
Don't know what that means?
Shiet, maybe I'm just too unrealistic and a hopeless romantic.

I'm not saying that women should put down their ego or dignity for a man.
Of course, you still gotta keep your head up and maintain that class.
Being classy isn't playing "hard to get", being classy is having respect for yourself, for others.
You know what to do, when to do, how to do and when to stop.
You know what to say, when to say, how to say and when to stop.
Hahaha, I talk so much but I don't even know what I'm doing.

Watched this movie lately, loved it!
Spoiler alert, don't read if you haven't watched the movie.
Watch the movie first, then continue reading.
I've been waiting for this movie Love, Rosie.
Starring the gorgeous Lilly Collins and hot hunk Sam Claflin
Ashley first showed me the trailer, I fell in love when High Hopes played at the background.
Dayum, good choice of soundtrack.
This song gets to me all the time, of course, it hit me again when I watched the trailer.
Again, the choices of soundtracks are well made.
I don't know what's the title of the song played during Rosie's wedding.
Special, not normal for a scene like that but it hits you.
Especially when Rosie's daughter and her friend were listening to it on earphones.
The 1975's Chocolate was featured too, niceeeeee...

"It was no ordinary friendship, we were inseparable, constantly being separated."
"I've realized that no matter where you are or who you're with,
I will always, truly, completely, love you."
That "Best Woman" speech, oh my...

I had so much in my head on the way out of the theatre.
Too bad I didn't have my laptop with me the other day.
Every inspiration is gone, oh no, why?

I guess all I want to say is...
There's no winning or losing in a relationship.
You need to put your ego down sometimes to make things work.
Not for the sake of making things work but for the person you love.
You miss your chance guarding your EGO.
You ego is sooooooooo important that you would risk losing something so special.
Again, 有時候別磚牛角尖 別太執著
You might be looking at the world's most beautiful and wonderful thing.
Something that's going to mean so much to you.

Just tell him you miss him.
Just tell her you feel special for her.

Good luck, xx.

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  1. May I know is there any website can watch this movie? Thank you :)


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