Do you say I love you easily?

You know what?
Sometimes I don't like telling people what I do and that I'm a blogger.
Bloggers often get judged as superficial, materialistic, "do not have a real job" and "living the life".
My life is high profile but trust me, I try to be as low profile as I can be.
I'm not a fashion blogger even if I want to be one.
I'm not a travel blogger either, more a lifestyle blogger.
Someone called me a writer...
I was happy, hahaha, so happy to be called a writer.
When people ask me what do I blog about, I say.. my life.. just my life, nothing special.
When people ask for my blog address, I refuse to tell, cause my blog is so freaking personal.
I feel embarrassed and exposed.
Ahhhh, you won't get it!
Blaaaa, what am I talking about, I'm a blogger.
It's public, everyone gets to see it, duh.

Anyway, I guess I should give myself more credit.
Next time when someone asks me what do I blog about.
I'm going to say that I'm a lifestyle blogger who writes about life and relationships ;)
Macam yes kan? Okeh, ons.

Tonight's talk.
Do you say I love you easily?
This happened to my Aussie girl friend, it sorta inspired me.
She has been seeing this guy for a while.
They click so well, so much in common, they like each other a lot.
You don't have to go near them to feel the chemistry.
He makes time to see her, he sees her whenever he can.
He makes her very happy, he makes her laugh.
Girl made guy promise that he won't say "I love you" before he's sure about it.
Girl also promised that she is not going to say those three words easily.
One night, this guy sent her home.
She was rushing to get out of the car without thinking much.
She uttered "thanks for today, good night, please drive safe, I love you".
 Oh shit, she gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.
Thinking "what the hell did I just say?"
"I didn't mean it, I meant, not I don't mean it but I just... it's... I... shiiiiiiet."
She shut the door without giving the guy a chance to say anything and paced fast.
He winded the car window down, gave her a very cheeky smile.
"Hey, I will pretend that I didn't hear it."

Lol, that was cute.

Do you say I love you easily?
Hmmm, I used to say it a lot, I'm a pretty expressive person when it comes to... love.
You know, sometimes you treasure someone, you want to let him/her know.
"I love you" seems... less meaningful now because people say it too easily.
Ok, you say "I love you" because you mean it, yeah I know.
You can say it very often but you shouldn't say it too easily.
"I love you" is not a promise but think about it, it kinda is.
No idea, it's just a dangerous phrase.
Sometimes we forget how we FELT about what we said so soon, so soon...
You get it?
Sometimes we forget how we feel about what we say so soon.
Don't get it? Read it again.
Sometimes we forget what we feel when we say something that feels special, we forget so soon.
You might have felt it last week but you might not feel it the next week.
So, why, why say it easily?
Why risk breaking people's heart?

Well, here comes the contradiction again.
Sometimes, it's just hard to be controlled.
Sometimes, it's uncontrollable.
My friend just let the 3 words slipped without even meaning to say them.
The 3 words just slipped, not because she didn't mean it.
She meant it, she adores the guy but she didn't mean to say it out loud.
Yet, she just said it, naturally, involuntarily, it's reflexive.
What can I say?
Love is in the air?
You can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel.
You just feel it.
She tried to suppress it but...
Love 1 : 0 My friend

有時候不要太執著 順其自然
Sometimes you wonder, you keep restricting yourself to feel, to accept what you feel...
Is it self protection or is it just your ego?
Put your ego down, let yourself feel it.
It might be something real and wonderful.

Best wishes to both, xx.

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