Work and travelling

That hair though...
Lol, just done a photoshoot and videoshoot in Singapore.
No time for my hair, just wanted to go home.

I've been travelling so much.
I often travel for work, mostly short trips.
Rimowa is my best buddy when it comes to travelling.
I love my Rimowa luggage, it makes my life easier.
I used to hate packing because I don't know how to and it is always too small for everything.
Have no problem packing now with Rimowa, I travel light but not too light.
My Rimowa luggage might look small but it can fit my whole wardrobe, lol.

I got my Rimowa luggage in Rimowa, The Garden's.
There's another branch in Pavilion, KL.
For more information, please go to

 I went for the cabin size because I like to do everything fast.
I also don't like checking in luggage.
So, I normally bring it with me and just put it in the overhead compartment.
I don't have to wait for luggage too (when I reach the next destination).

 Let's roll with grooves.

Yup, I fit 4 days of clothes and daily necessity in such a small luggage.
It really is very spacious.
My friends don't understand how I travel so light.
It's just illusion, this luggage is packed with everything needed!

I find myself taking pictures of my Rimowa luggage a lot.
Lol, I think it looks too pretty.
It looks slick, stylish and sexy, plus it's strong as steel.
Best for the superwomen to use.
Am I saying I'm a superwoman? Lolllllll.

Work and travelling might look fun but trust me, it's not easy at all.
Especially when you need to go to a foreign country alone.

You're only 4 months old but you've been to 4 countries and 3 states with me.
I hope I can bring you all around the world (:

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