I honestly think it's harder to be a woman.
Skip the period and pregnancy parts.
Do guys have to use pantyliners? NO!
Do girls have to use pantyliners? YES!

I often worry about hygiene because some say using pantyliner gets more bacteria.
Some pantyliners are so uncomfortable and they get damped so easily.
It's not true, using pantyliner helps prevent the growth of bacterias and yeasts.
I personally won't use one pantyliner for the whole day.
I always have extra pantyliners kept in my bag, so I can change it anytime.
Kotex Fresh Plus liners have 3x defense against bacteria, yeast and odour.
Kotex Fresh Plus comes in 3 types, Ultra V-Care, Gentle Care and Designs.
I love the breathability function that makes it more comfortable to wear. 

Kotex came up with #Kotex1MinSelfV contest to raise awareness of V-zone care.
It's very creative, Kotex gives you tips on taking nice #SelfV in just 1 minute.
1. Find the best angle for yourself.
For me, the angle from my left is the best angle.
I prefer the left side of my face more, lol.

2. Make sure your background/backdrop is pretty.
You don't want to capture a #SelfV with your friend behind picking his/her nose, lol.

It depends, sometimes you want to face the sunlight.
Sometimes it's nice, when the sunlight shines through from behind.

4. Think of a good caption.
I normally use quotes or lyrics of songs for my caption.

Join #Kotex1MinSelfV to win travel vouchers up to RM3000!
30 lucky winners will also be selected to win RM100 shopping vouchers!
It's really easy, here, let me teach you.
Go to

 First step, they will teach you how.
Second step, choose to upload your #SelfV with your computer, phone or Facebook.
Third step, upload and type a caption!


 Forth step, fill in your personal details.
So, Kotex can contact you when you win the prize ;)

Last but not least, spread the love!
Share it on Facebook or Twitter.
You can also redeem your free samples!

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  1. Hi Daphne, may I know what camera are you using?


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