Not happy? Do something!

I guess you already know that I'm not confident with my outlook.
That's why I spend so much on "fixing the insides" than "fixing the outsides".
I emphasize on building inner beauty because I do not have the outer beauty, LOL.
I wasn't born pretty, I wear make up when I go out, I also used to wear super thick make up.
I know you must be thinking "but you take pictures of yourself everyday..."
Lol, I do because that's my job, it's my job to be vain sometimes.

 Nice people always tell me that appearances don't matter.
It's not true though, I was nearly convinced.
Yet, in this real world, appearances matter... A LOT.

 When my friends asked me "hey, wanna watch Ju-on?"
I said "no, I see Ju-on everyday in the mirror after I remove my make up!"
It's just my humour, I say things to make my friends laugh but yeh, I honestly feel so.
My friends hate it and told me not to think so negatively about myself.
"If you're not happy about it, do something about it!"
 I guess I haven't fully given up on myself.
I dyed my hair back to black, I cut my hair.
I spent on skin care, I got my eyebrows embroidered.
I work out, try to be healthier and gain more weight.

I was really against aesthetics at first.
Then, I was convinced to inject fillers to get rid of my eye bags.
 It worked, I'm not going to get "scientific" here because I'm sharing my personal experience.
Derma fillers are not permanent, they last for 8 months to 18 months.
(Depending on brands of fillers.)
They are collagen to be injected in different parts of our face to 
enhance our features and to create a more proportional face.
I signed up with Skinartesse Heart Face treatment at Skin Art Clinic.

Skin Art Clinic
D3-G4-8, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Why Skin Art Clinic?
It's very simple, I go there for Dr.Rachel Chew.
I heard of and have known of Dr. Rachel Chew even before I met her.
Most of my friends go to Skin Art Clinic and they are getting prettier and prettier.
 It's very important to find a QUALIFIED, SKILLED, ARTISTIC doctor like Dr.Rachel.
Dr.Rachel was a singer, an artist before she went into medicine.
She chose the aesthetic line because it's the closest to art in medicine.
This is not very relevant but what I want to say is...
People say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", I like Dr.Rachel as a beholder.
Ethical, fully licensed, only use high quality products.

What's Skinartesse Heart Face treatment?
You must be wondering "which part did you inject? how much did you inject?"
Everyone is different, I can't tell you what you need, you know yourself.
Btw, consultation is free, go and ask Dr.Rachel Chew, she can help you, she's professional.
Skinartesse is a treatment to enhance your face as a whole/in overall.
I had a little bit here and there because my problem is that I have a SUNKEN FACE.
I'm really skinny, my temples, my cheeks and my face, they are all sunken.

 Before, look how sunken my right temple was.

After, ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa, you can already see the instant result.
Notice the upward movement of my left eyebrow?
It's not the final result though, my temples will look even better days after, I can't wait!

I didn't like taking pictures from the side of my face because my features weren't outstanding.
As I said, my biggest problem is my sunken face and my chin.
I wanted to fix them all in one visit.
Doctor advised me to take it slow, don't rush it.

I love my side portraits now.
Skinartesse helped enhancing my features and made it more 3D like.
Day 3 after Skinartesse.

Day 7 after Skinartesse.
OMG, I like taking pictures from the side now :D

I'll try to improve my appearance step by step without having to go through surgery.
I'll be really patient, I'm satisfied with the upper part of my face.
I'll go for the second visit to "beautify" the lower part of my face that will be my chin and jawline.

 For more information, go to and follow their Instagram, SkinArtClinic.
WeChat account - skinartclinic or WhatsApp to +6019 - 6211399.


  1. U are already beautiful sweetheart

  2. May i ask where did you embroidered your eyebrow? Cuz they really look nice...or better.


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