For music

Hey, sorry for not updating!
Is anyone still reading...? Haha, not many people read blogs nowadays :(
How discouraging...
Anyway, I've been busy, where did I stop?
Pretty sure you guys get the updates on Instagram or Facebook.

*so shy and embarrassed* lol.
Been lucky enough to be invited to perform but I always turned it down because you know me...
I don't feel confident and shiet, I don't want to embarrass myself, wait, maybe I did, haha.
Finally got the courage to take the shows on, so BUAY PAISEH, lol.
I did my first one in Johor Bahru and second one in Batu Pahat.
 Jane, Leng and friends were there at my first show to support me.

Just had the first ever "billboard" in my life.
I know it's nothing big but I can't help but to feel 1% proud.

I totally screwed my performance up in Penang.
It was my first show in Penang.
It was horrible, terrible, vegetable.
Errrrrmygawd, I know I can't sing after drinking (alcohol).
Ahhhhh, I was having a great time and I went a lil overboard.
I had cocktails before singing, I thought it was ok.
I can't get over how bad I did that night, oh no.
I really love Penang, what a great crowd, I love Penang.
I'm sorry, Penang!

I shouldn't have sung sitting down too!
Oh my...............

Back to reality now.
So happy to be able to sing for people even when nobody is listening.
It's a joy because I get to do what I like to do.

I don't have much confidence in me, I don't really believe in myself.
I'M SO LUCKY to have so many people believing in me. I'm so blessed.
There are so many people who sing so well, born with great voice and talent.
I'm nothing, no-thing, nothing at all.
Sometimes I get mean comments like I can't sing, well, I honestly never once said I can sing.
Never once.
I'm surprised and thankful that SOME people find my voice special. I don't get why.
Sometimes people call me a singer, I really want to dig a hole and put my head in.
I'm not, I'm just a blogger who sings, I'm not a singer.
Whatever it is, I'm so blessed and I'm not taking shiet for granted.
I'm just going to keep doing what I do.
It's a way to thank people who truly BELIEVE in me.


  1. I still read your blog! (and Jane, Ash & Nana's!) Yeah, just do what you like and make sure you prepare fully and you'll have at least a teeny tiny bit of confidence! xo

  2. Love you from the bottom of my heart!! Your great personalities, positive attitude towards life and maturity amazed me. Love to read your blog, your stories, your experiences and your life. My idol ❤ God bless.

  3. Hello, Daphne :) I still read blogs, yours especially. I love the way you write your blog, and I love hearing you sing ! You're a special cupcake so please don't ever stop writing and singing, my dear !


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