Youth is wasted on the young?

I'm supposed to do my work now.
I don't know what I'm doing here.
I went to Jordan Belfort's seminar today.
I saw young people everywhere, like really young, younger than me, lol.
This world is changing.
Our pace is getting faster and faster.
The young ones are becoming more capable and they are eager to succeed.

I don't have many friends.
My girl friends are on track, have their own life, doing the adult stuff.
A friend of mine who was "famous" in our school because we were seniors.
He used to sit beside me, he pretty much copied 98% of my homework, lol.
He liked bullying me, wasn't real bullying, he loved teasing me and shit..
(You know the high school stuff, lol.)
Although he liked to make fun of me but he was the one who stood by me all the time.
Nobody sat with me for lunch, he did.
He was there for me, he recently just came back from the UK after graduating.
Time flies, so fast, so so so fast, he's back for good.
Yesterday, I was in high school getting "bullied" and today, I'm outside fighting for life.
He just flew off to India and he will be flying to Sri Lanka after two weeks in India.
I don't know why, I just feel so PROUD of him, I'm so proud.
Yesterday, he was the captain of blue house and today, he's a business man.
So proud, so so proud.
 I just realized that we are all grown ups now.
I meant, I know I am a grown up since eighteen but sometimes people don't accept it.
Some people will say that I have plenty of time because I'm at my twenties.
 I always feel like I'm not doing enough for my age.
I have a big goal to hit and I have a big dream to chase after.
I have no time and I need more time.
1. Don't waste time.
Fill your every day with something.
Fill it in with something, anything.
 If you're free for the day, go for coffee with friends, read a book, go jogging.
Do something about it.

2. Sleep is not for the weak.
People say sleep is for the weak.
It's true that we need to full utilize our time but no, it's absolutely wrong to say sleep is for the weak.
I rather sleep, I love to sleep, if I can, if I could.
I hate it when my brain, my neurons won't stop working at late night.

3. There's no such thing is "I CAN'T SLEEP".
Yeh, I can't sleep sometimes, I couldn't sleep last night.
If you can't sleep, it means you're not tired enough.
My sister sleeps at 10pm every freaking day because she gets up early for work.
She's tired, she sleeps, she can sleep, she falls asleep easily, she sleeps early because she's really tired.
Don't believe? Try being up since 6am and work through the day (not asking you to slack all day).
Work, work, work, have dinner, some music, shower, some work or entertainment.
Tell me if you can't sleep, then that's really insomnia, consult your doctor, thanks.

4. Worrying is for the weak.
Haha, I'm guilty of this.
I worry so much, I keep thinking, thinking and thinking.
That's why I can't sleep.
That leads to the next point.

5. Be mentally strong.
Lol, how to be mentally strong?
No, I don't have an answer for you.
You need to experience it yourself, then you'll know.
How to experience it?
 Do everything yourself, do everything on your own.
That's where you learn independence and you'll be strong.

What is this shit? Lol.
I suddenly feel like I'm a motivational speaker.
I don't know if my points even made sense.

Today's song will be Lost Stars by Adam Levine.
My friend first let me listen to Keira Knightley's version, I thought it was okay.
Another friend told me to listen to this song again, by Adam Levine.
I searched for it, I found it really familiar, then I recalled it's the same song.
Now you see, every singer sings differently.
I like Adam Levine's soulful high pitch voice for the bridge of the song.
"So much feels......"
 This song wasn't written by Adam Levine, but it was written for a movie.
It's so well written, it's very well composed.
It is the original soundtrack for the movie "Begin Again".

 "Please don't see, just boy caught up in dreams and fantasies"
The first line of the song has already given me goosebumps.
What I perceived from the lyrics and watching the video clip was
a young man works very hard to chase after his dream,
at the same time, missing a relationship with a woman who stood by him through thick and thin.
So much to say about this song but I think I should go to bed.
Can't believe I took almost two hours to type this post, it's not that easy, kay?
I leave it to you to think about it, every song touches people's heart differently.
Think about life, think about time, appreciation, think about the person you love.

Good night, xx.

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