So sick of love songs

Hola, my friends.
So, Kang Er and I recorded another song cover live last week.
Pretty sure all of you have heard of Ne-Yo before, great singer song writer.
I love Ne-Yo R&B songs, Ne-Yo is one of the must-see acts on my list.
My favourites are So Sick, Mad, One in a Millionaire, Knock You Down in collaboration with
Keri Hilson and Kanye West.
That's a classic, man.

We had some time the other day.
I was like let's make a full song cover of "So Sick".
We did a 15 seconds insta video of "So Sick" about two weeks before.
We both love that song and we know the lyrics, pretty cool.
Yeh, we set up for a bit, then we started jamming together.
I hope you like the song cover (:

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