Small things girls should know before getting a tattoo

Hi, a few of you requested me to blog about my new tattoo.
This is my second tattoo, I got my first one done when I was 18.
You might have seen it somewhere on my Instagram or Facebook.
 Jane and I have been talking about getting a matching tattoo for a very long time now.
We finally did it this year.

I don't give a shit about what you think of my tattoo.
If it's art or not art, I decide for myself.
This is more a post for the girls, I don't encourage you to get tattoos but it's your life.
I personally think that guys are tougher and they get fancier tattoos than girls,
they won't give a shit all these small things, haha.

 1. Do your research, find a good tattoo parlour/studio.
Browse through their tattoo work, read their reviews.
 If you want to know, I got both my tattoos done in Bloody Ink.
Lot F099, 1st Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2. Pick a tattoo artist/tattooist that you're confident with.
Previously done by Ivan, this time by Ying, she's cool and she's got steady hands! (:
I like her, she's really patient and creative. 
Just in case you want to know,
Her WeChat : yinggoh
 Instagram : ying_tattoo

3. Decide on what do you want tattooed.
 TAKE AS LONG AS YOU WANT, it's permanent, don't rush it.
Find or design something that YOU like, not what your friends like.
You can ask for opinions, take the opinions into consideration.
At the end of the day, it's all up to you because it's your life.
Jane and I have been thinking about what tattoo to get.
Few years back, we thought of tattooing doves that represent freedom to us.
Then, moved on my idea of "To Infinity" and "And Beyond". (So damn cheesy, lol.)
At last, we decided that we're really blessed and we both like the word, blessed.

4. Never use Google translate.
Never ever do that, consult or ask someone who knows the language.
Few of my friends got Spanish, Japanese and Korean tattooed wrongly on them.
Think about it, you will be a joke for the rest of your life.
Don't risk it.

5. Make sure that the tattooists are ethical and hygienic.
Make sure they don't reuse needles.
It's unhygienic and it might carry viruses from one body to another.

I was going to get two tattoos on that day.
Then, I decided that I needed more time to think about the third one.
I said I might come back next week.
Jane asked if they keep my needle until the next week and use it again (for me only).
My tattooist was very surprised by this question.
She said "no, of course not, we use new needles every time."
You can request for them to open the packaging of the new needle in front of you
if you don't trust them.

6. Most people think that tattoo is a bad thing, especially for girls.
I don't mind tattoos, in fact, I love tattoos, I also have a thing for guys with tattoos, wth.
I so want a tattoo on my arm and another one my collarbone but I will never get them.
I think about the future and I guess it's sort of having respect for my future partner's parents.
You know how most Asian parents deem tattoos a bad thing?
Imagine going to a family dinner and meeting your partner's family for the first time.
I don't think the tattoos give your partner's parents a good impression?
 I encourage girls to get tattoos on parts that can be covered.
Hide your tattoos, hide your tattoos, hahaha.
I meant, it's just my personal opinion, if you think getting a tattoo is to be shown,
you don't care about what people think, go ahead.

7. Pain.
It really depends, everyone's different.
It's pretty painful to me when they start pulling and sliding.
I don't even know how to explain, lol.
Tip 1 : Get your tattooist to do it slowly and hold your breath.
It doesn't hurt when you hold your breath but when you start inhaling, ho shit.
Tip 2 : If you really can't take the pain at all, use numbing cream before tattooing.
This second tattoo is so small, it's nothing.
My first tattoo was bigger and thick.
The outlining was painful but filling in with black ink was more painful.
They use a thicker needle to fill the space with black ink after outlining.

8. Is it addictive?
To me, yes, it is addictive.

9. If you think you might regret it, DON'T DO IT.
I was like "I want to get this tattoo here and there but I might regret it!"
No, don't do it if you have second thought, that's why I didn't do the third one.
I walked in for the second one, I know I want it, I want it and I got it.
Be sure about it.

10. Try not to tattoo anything for/about other people but yourself.
My first tattoo is my mum's name, I guess family is ok, they are forever.
I will so get a matching tattoo with my future married partner if he wants one.
I will also get my child's name tattooed on me if I have one in the future, lol.
They are family, they are forever.
I know you might marry your current partner but you might not too. (not cursing)
You might be best friends with your friend now but you might not be in the future. (not cursing)
I don't know man, is this thinking too conservative? I hope not for a Chinese.
 Matching tattoos are alright, tattooing names though... too risky.

Yeh, Jane and I got a matching tattoo, we somehow did it for each other.
We mostly did it for ourselves because we both love the tattoo that we got.
Imagine she got my name tattooed and I got her name tattooed.
Erm, eww, no, just to remind you again that we're straighter than the pole, lol.
We haven't been friends for a very long time too, only 8 years and counting.
I guess, don't get a matching tattoo with your friend if 
you both haven't been friends for more than 8 years? Hahaha, just joking.

11. After care.
This tiny tattoo was nothing, just needed to apply some ointment provided.
My first tattoo bled quite a lot and I had to cut down on eating certain food.
Your tattooist will inform you about not eating peanuts, eggs, seafood+ for a week.

I guess that's all.
Don't think it's very useful but... whatever, lol.


  1. Curious about your first tattoo hehehehee

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  3. How mch did you do 'Blessed' for? Lovely tat. :)

  4. Pricing?? How muc does it cost u?


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