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Today, I'm going to blog about Mon Amour skincare.
I first know of this brand when I slept over my girl friend's place.
I didn't bring my own skincare products and I had to use hers.
All I can remember is that Mon Amour smells good, haha.

Anyway, I use the skincare products before I do a review about it.
I've been using whole range of Mon Amour products for more than 2 weeks now.
I don't know if you know that I'm a fan of snail cream.
The snail cream I used before came from Thailand and Korea.
Mon Amour is a product of France, 100% natural ingredients.
It uses a secret Snail formula that heals wounds and scars, also improves skin condition.
More information on Mon Amour's Facebook.

Lol, Alicia is on their TVC!

Mon Amour actually means "my love" in French.
Haha, I just thought it was interesting...
As usual, cleanser, toner, moisturizer and mask are basic necessities nowadays.
Mon Amour Snail Mucin Toner, Facial Treatment Cleanser, Hydrate Moisturizer, Collagen Gel Mask.

Snail Mucin Facial Treatment Cleanser.
I like how it's easily washed off, unlike some other face wash that takes forever to be rinsed off.
It helps unclogging pores and helps preventing acne.

I always liked to skip the step of applying toner and I shouldn't anymore.
 Snail Mucin Active Toner contains natural oil fighting formula and helps tightening pores.
I like the pump-like packaging, easy to be used.
Just give the toner a few pumps and use a cotton pad.
I often use a cotton pad to see how clogged my pores are and how I cleaned them up.
You can see the black impurities on the cotton pad, thanks to the terrible haze in Malaysia.

Hydrate Moisturizer and Snail Collagen Gel Mask.
 Hydrate moisturizer is an age-defence moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated all day.
 Snail Collagen Gel Mask is an anti-aging, anti-wrinkles mask that allows skin rejuvenation.
I drink collagen everyday for beauty and health purposes.
Might as well just apply it on my face, GIVE ME ALL THE COLLAGEN!

How to use Snail Collagen Gel Mask?
Thoroughly clean and dry face before applying.
Lie back and relax for 30 minutes, then rinse it off with water.
You can refrigerate the Gel Mask for cool facial spa treatment.
I tried this myself and I love it, very cooling and refreshing.

I love the texture of Mon Amour products.
They are soft and smooth.
It's not the rich-cream texture like but in fact, rich in vitamins needed.

Feel like the pores on my skin have been tightened.
My face smells really good too, haha!

You can get Mon Amour skincare products directly from the official distributor.
Wechat : Stephykexin
Contact : +6 012 504 8833
Instagram : @monamourskincare


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