Miss independent

How's everyone doing?
Sorry for the inefficiency, here's a random post for you.
I've been busy, not cool with it because it's not productive enough to me.
I want it and I need it to be ultra productive.
(I notice that I like to use the word "ultra" recently, lol)
Anyway, I've also been sick, not sick-sick now, it's just that I'm not fully recovering.
I can't jam, I can't sing, if you actually notice that I haven't been really making singing instavideos.
I don't control what I eat with the skinny gene I have, definitely not bragging, it's true.
I take my throat and my body for granted.
I'VE BEEN TRYING very hard to cut down on fried food.
Ok, not very hard, come on, at least I'm trying.
Everyone should know by now that my favourite food is fried chicken, lol.

I flew to Singapore alone last 2 days for work.
It was hectic and... pretty scary.
I wanted to look for my Singaporean friends but I decided that I really needed some rest.
So, I stayed in my hotel room and slept at 10pm.
I constantly woke up between hours, I don't know why.
Mum randomly called me at 2am, she called to ask if I'm okay.
I was like yeh, mum, it's 2am, are you out of your mind? Go to bed, mum.
Guess she suddenly missed me or she had a nightmare, just doing her mother thing.
 The thing is I did inform her when I landed and when I reached the hotel.
She called me at 2am, lol. She. Called. Me. At. 2am.
I think I'm happy that she called.
She didn't say anything but I felt her tough love.
My mum seldom makes me feel this way.
She's just... tough. So. Tough.

I normally take the aisle seat but I love the window seat sometimes.

Anyway, got up at 7.30am to get ready for the photoshoot and videoshoot.
Pain of the month struck sharp at 8am.
Come, I clap for you, uterus, what a great job you've done.
I felt like a corpse throughout the whole day.
I didn't even bother taking any pictures of myself at the shoot.
Wait... I did.
Helloz? Yez? Potato I iz.
Oh my, I looked ultra terrible.

ps : photographer of the day looks like John Legend.
I find that really amusing, I'm easily amused, so amused, lol.
I just wanted to burst out in laughter when I looked at him but I kept it cool...
Ya know? Just tryna keep it cool, keep it professional yo! 
Lol, rushed to the airport, rushed back home.

Here I am, getting tortured by my uterus now.
I think I invented new Yoga positions today, lol.
Thank goodness, I got a full day of rest.
I feel so much better but still, not cool, uterus, not cool, I do not like you when you do that war.
 Ok, too much.
I should sleep, love you all, xx.

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