I'm ultra-blessed

Hmmmm, I have so much in mind.
I don't know how to put them in words.
Let me have my music therapy and driving therapy.
Lol, I think a lot when I drive.

Let's do a casual posting today.
I'm sick again.
How many times have I been sick this year?
Why? What a "sick" year!
I can't sing, my nose is blocked (It's not like I can sing when my nose isn't blocked, haha)
Sore throat, cough, runny nose, disgusting mucus, lol.
I popped panadols yesterday, didn't work.
I went to the pharmacy to get some flu medicine today.
I'm not feeling any better.

Went for a meeting with Jane the other day.
I like coffee and I like to chill at coffee places. I feel so old.
Anyway, didn't get any pictures of the coffee and cakes on my camera.
Dayummmm, but I got one on Instagram.
I spilled my coffee and I came up with a quote.
OMG, I'm a genius, lol.

 Coffee place : Feeka in Changkat.

We both felt really lazy, it was a Saturday.
No idea why. Just pulled on a white tee and shorts.
Lazy or casual? 傻傻分不清楚
Just doing the blogger thang.
"Is this pose okay?"

"Erm, hunch your back!"
"Lol, ok."

I love my new shoes, I meant creepers.
 I got them at Topshop in Sydney.
Soooooo prettayyyyyyyyyy to me.

 We headed to Pavilion because Nana wanted to have dinner together.
We didn't know what to do while waiting for the princess.
We had 2 cups of coffee before, so it was enough of caffeine.
I said let's hide out in the bookstore, I really like to do that, lol.

Bumped into more than 5 readers who asked for a picture that day.
It was crazy and overwhelming.
Met one, she's really cute.
She came and said hi, then she stared at us for 5 seconds without saying anything.
Cutest person ever.
 I'm such a lucky person, I get to make people happy for 5 minutes sometimes.
Wow, ultra-blessed.

Lucky girl is feeling lucky.
Thank you all, xx.

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  1. May I know which model of camera are u using?thanks


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