Describe yourself in one word

Met some important people, successful people over the weekend.
The most impressive were two architects.
One who now runs an interior design company.
One who now runs the kitchen of a renowned restaurant.
When I use the word "renowned", it's a big deal, lol.
This post is inspired by a tea time session with them.
There's no clear direction on what I want to talk about in this post.
I'll just go with the flow and just say what I think. Just some stories for you?

Can you describe yourself using just one word? You can let me know by commenting.
I used to say "ordinary" when people ask me that.
After these years of soul searching, (kind of a nicer word for wasting time...or not)
I will now use "passionate" to describe myself.
I'm so passionate about life, sometimes over passionate.
It's not a good thing but it's not a bad thing.
Being passionate makes me feel so... greedy.
I want to be everything.
 The first ambition I had when I was a kid was to be a fashion designer, I draw a lot.
Then, I wanted to be a nurse, I told my mum that I want to go to Africa and help people.
My mum scared me off by telling me how I have to deal with blood and organs being a nurse.
Next thing I wanted to be was a dentist because it's less "gross" and I just wanted to be professional.
Someone professional like a doctor, a lawyer, my granny used to tell me that I could be a lawyer.
I guess I was really talkative and I always had the "balls" to voice things out.
你以為就這樣? I'm not done yet, 不會用這個成語不過我記得甚麼以為自己能天馬行空的.
 I went to university learning computer science, I gave that up.
Then again, I took up multimedia design, I gave that up.
I want to be a journalist, a writer, write things that touch people's heart.
I'm a qualified pastry chef because at the end of the day, realistically,
I want to run my own coffee house, that's my goal.
 That's my goal but what I didn't know that I do have a dream.
Everyday after school, primary school and high school,
I would lock myself in the study room or my room, listening to music.
It was mostly Westlife, then Jay Chou everyday, American music.
I would sing everyday and dance to it everyday BEHIND CLOSED DOOR, of course.
 Nobody knew, not even myself, I didn't know I have a superstar dream, what a joke, lol.
I figure that I'm not talented enough to be a singer.
So, maybe... I can be a radio DJ that plays cool music.
Or an off-screen music producer, woohoooooo...
講完了嗎? No, I recently feel that I can be a comedian, lol.

I met so many people over the weekend, tons of old friends and new friends.
Old friends asked "since when do you sing?"
Hell yeah, good question, I don't even know, I guess I've always been singing but...
I don't know? Thanks to Instagram and YouTube for my self-indulgence?

New friends normally say "so I heard you sing..." or "hey, you sing..."
I'm not going to lie, for people who love music,
being recognized playing music is such a great feeling.
When people tell you "I love the music you listen to, I love the music share",
oh danggggg, best feeling in this world!

Second question they normally ask me
"So, are you pursuing your music career?"
Lol, 笑掉人家的大牙, no, I don't even have a music career to begin with.
My answer is usually
"There are so many talented people in this world, I'm nothing, I won't make it anywhere."

Third question will always be
"So, when are we hitting the karaoke?"
Damn it, I'm scared of that question because people will have really high expectations
but I sound like a potato, in fact I am a potato.

The two architects are so artistic, I can't even...
Their philosophy, their theories, their perceptions... so deep... so so deep...
I'm so inspired by them, what educational tea time session, lol.
They were so into convincing me that I have to go over that barrier.
I guess I'm comfortable now, which is bad because people say that
it's a bad thing being comfortable, you need to strive for the better.
I take criticism but I can't take hate, "fame" brings hate.
Everyone at that table was like "but you're a blogger, it's unavoidable."
I said yeap, it's true but I'm not famous, it's okay now, it can be handled.
Yet, for people who love music, they want to get their music out there.
First thing to get your music out there, is to get famous.
I wish I can produce awesome music and get it out there, having people listening and singing to it.
I read somewhere, probably from some tabloids about Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga has been known as the crazy one.
I'm not a big fan of her pop music but what I found out was,
she loves Jazz music, she's only making pop music now to be famous,
then she'll go back to making Jazz music after she gains her popularity.
I don't know if it's true, but it's smart and she makes sacrifices.

Go back to my favourite musician - Ed Sheeran.
I fell in love with his genre of folk and acoustic music.
His first album was more to slow tempo, romantic, sentimental, original.
I don't know, I guess so, I'm not professional at analyzing music.
Little that I know he likes "black music", no racism intended, that's what they call it.
The new album "x" is more upbeat, it's more to hip hop, rap.
He wanted to make hip hop music from the start.
It's not like he doesn't like acoustic music but hip hop is his soul.
I love him as a whole, whatever music he wants to make, I'll stand by him.
Good that we still have that piece of "Ed Sheeran" in "x".
Songs like One, Photograph and All of The Stars still had it.
I was surprised when I listened to the new album.
He also said that he wanted to get his music out there first.
That's why "+" was more commercialized to feed the majority.

My favourite from "x" is the song "Don't".
Of course, I like the whole album, songs like Thinking Out Loud, I'm A Mess, Runaways,
I See Fire, Nina, One, Photograph, Take It Back+
Anyway, he wrote this song for a cheating almost-girlfriend.
He's so talented, he writes his music, he plays it all alone, it's just him and a loop pedal.
No drums, no backup singers to harmonize, no bass guitar, he does it all, he is a band.
He also likes to add some surprises to his live performances.
He added a touch of Chris Brown's "Loyal" in it and it never sounded so good before.
He first played this song on SNL, the beat is sick, I liked it instantly.
I replayed it until the video got removed on YouTube due copyrights issues.

 The official music video of "Don't" has been released today.
What a coincidence, I'm just blogging about this song, I reckon you should have a look.
I don't think I'm liking the music video but...

Ed Sheeran was listed one of the most important people in black music.
He was bashed and criticized badly because he's not dark skin.
He gave a brilliant response
"Listen to music with your ears, not your eyes!"
Smart, smart comeback, smashing, haha.
It is so true.

I don't think you see a point in this post because I don't, lol.
It's just some music talk, I meant babbling.
Yeh but I just feel really lucky being recognized with music.
I feel very grateful for people who TRULY believe in me.
There are people who would go to YouTube and watch me.
There are people who would show up to my show (if I have one).
There are, these incredible people, I often feel that I don't deserve at all.
I encourage people who love music start doing it, don't waste time.
Yes, I'm too old to start this shiet but I will continue doing what I'm doing.
It might take some time to produce new tracks but I will do it.

I checked on air tickets when I got home.
So inspired, so want to be spontaneous, so want to just get that air ticket.
Pick up a bag pack and that's it, goodbye, I'm off, lol.
I'm motivated by love too.
People usually go to Paris to find love, I wonder why Paris isn't my thing.
I want to go to Edinburgh, Ireland, Santorini, Ibiza, London and more, lol.
Oh no, the list goes on and on.

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