What contact lens do I wear?

One of the most frequently asked questions on my blog, FB and Instagram is
What contact lens do you wear?
Firstly, I do not wear poor quality lens.
I'm introducing to you, the first cosmetic lens, Lacelle by Bausch+Lomb
 which is now available in Malaysia.

I've been wearing Bausch+Lomb for a long time now.
I used to wear Bausch+Lomb clear lens to school and to work ;
Cosmetic lens for hangouts, dates and parties.
I like Bausch+Lomb for the high water content and good quality that never give me dry eyes.

Anyway, more introduction on Lacelle lens...
Their unique lace patterns help enhancing our eyes beautifully.
Their marathon like comfort is the most impressive to me.
They are also FDA authenticated pigment standard.
They are monthly disposable.
Lacelle comes in two different ranges :
Limbal series, comes in modest brown and tender brown.
Color series, available in jubilee violet, sparkling brown and frozen grey.

My favourite colours for Lacelle lenses are
Sparkling Brown and Jubilee Violet

I used to wear poor quality lenses, like the ones you can easily get online.
It's not certified and it's poor in quality.
The Chinese have a saying : The eyes are the windows to human souls.
It's lucky to be able to see this beautiful world with a pair of God given eyes.
Eyes are important to us and we should really take care of them.
Guess I was a bad-behaved child who always stayed close to the TV.
I'm seriously short-sighted.

Comfortable contact lenses are very important to me.
42% of water content, that's what I'm talking about.
Wearing Sparkling Brown in these pictures.

Look better with cosmetic lens and feel good without dry eyes all day (:

Was also just wearing Jubilee Violet the other day.
Make up smudged after a long day spent in the studio, but eyes were still moisturized!

As I always share good things with you all, here's another one.
Lacelle by Bausch+Lomb is looking for the "Face of Lacelle" and this is where you come in:

1. Go to Lacelle #wow truck at these locations.
Please find your nearest locations here.

2. Join "Face of Lacelle" photo contest and win weekly prizes!
RM500 Fashion Fast Forward vouchers and RM150 Sephora vouchers.
 The grand prize winner will be the first Lacelle ambassador in Malaysia!
The winner will walk away with RM1000 cash, a 4D3N trip to Hong Kong and
a one-year supply of Lacelle cosmetic lens!

You're welcome :)

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